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The role of nursing in driving digital change in the NHS

How are nursing professionals supporting the digital evolution in UK healthcare?

How can new technologies be leveraged by front-line clinical teams to support improved patient care? And how can Medtech, Digital and Biotech innovators collaborate with the front-line nursing teams in the NHS to drive transformation?

On Friday 23rd June Prof. Phil Richardson (Chair and Chief Innovation Officer, Mtech Access) spoke to Jennie Smith, registered nurse, Medtech launch specialist and our new Director of NHS Insight & Interaction at Mtech Access.

Throughout her NHS and commercial career, Jennie Smith has seen first-hand the transformative potential of technology in healthcare and the key role that nurses play in adoption and delivery. In this webinar, Jennie and Phil explore how these two elements, digital transformation, and nursing, go hand-in-hand when it comes to transforming patient pathways.

Beyond this, their wide-ranging discussion touched on system transformation, innovation, service re-design, pathway mapping and engaging with key stakeholders and potential product champions.

Phil and Jennie explored:

  • The transformative power of technology in the NHS; particularly on patient pathways
  • The role of nurses in digital transformation and the adoption and implementation of new technologies
  • Key nursing champions, including Chief Nurse Information Officers (CNIOs)
  • How industry can best support the NHS with digital transformation
  • Our plans to bring together NHS and industry for greater collaboration

Listen to the podcast:

This episode is also available as a podcast. Listen below or search ‘Pharma Market Access Insights  – from Mtech Access’ on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts.

About our speaker

Jennie Smith (Director – NHS Insight & Interaction)

Jennie has immeasurable experience in partnership, transformation and, of course, the NHS, where she is still a practicing nurse. She joined Mtech Access directly from Health Hero, a remote healthcare company, where she has spent the last 5 years bringing new technologies to NHS primary care.

Prior to this, Jennie worked directly in the NHS in roles including Clinical Operations Manager, Transformation Project Lead and Directorate Manager of General Surgery & Urology for University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust, and as Care Group Manager, Medicine and Long-Term Conditions at Walsall Hospitals NHS Trust. As a result, she has significant experience in both the commercial healthcare and NHS arenas.

This webinar forms part of our monthly NHS Whispers series, in which we have in-depth, comprehensive conversations with senior colleagues from the NHS. We explore what their immediate priorities are, what they see as the greatest challenges currently faced by the NHS, and how the NHS might respond to these challenges.

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