Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Support

Why choose Mtech Access for your HTA submission?

  • We have a very experienced team who have collectively supported 170+ HTA submissions throughout their careers
  • We are fully aware of all requirements for HTA submission with NICE, Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC), All Wales Medicines Strategy Group (AWMSG) and the National Centre for Pharmacoeconomics (NCPE) Ireland
  • We have long-term relationships with several ex-NICE committee members and with Andrew Walker from the SMC, to draw advice from, validate models or attend mock committee meetings, if needed
  • We confirm the principles and assumptions behind our submissions with relevant payers, clinicians and other stakeholders from our broad global network
  • In the UK, we have close relationships with over 80 contracted associates working in the NHS, who work directly with us on NICE and SMC submissions to help us ensure the evidence submitted is valid and reflects the patient pathway
  • We have the in-house capability to support every element of your submission or to supplement your teams’ capability where needed
    • This includes an in-house medical writing team, trained specifically in market access
    • Along with in-house health economists and systematic literature review specialists and statisticians

“It’s been a pleasure working with the Mtech Access dream team! Great outcomes achieved in our SMC appraisals and in a speedy fashion too! This is a massive achievement and almost unexpected, as less than 20% of Detailed Advice Documents (DADs) are positive, especially considering the complexity of this appraisal.”

HTA ManagerTop 20 Pharma

“[Mtech Access were] fantastic to work with [and] went over and above the standards expected”

Head of Market Access who commissioned a suite of UK HTA submissions

"Without Mtech Access we may have missed several deadlines, as we had multiple HTA submissions to coordinate and faced added disruption to timelines and processes due to the pandemic. The situation was challenging, and I don’t think we could have got through the process without the quality of the work, the complete understanding of the process, and fantastic project management delivered by Mtech Access.”

Head of Market Access, UK & Ireland Pharma Company

"The HTA strategy and gap analysis from Mtech Access was highly satisfying and exceeded all expectations. We were impressed by how comprehensive the research was, and how dedicated the team were. The project management and communication from the team was perfect. 10/10.”

Senior Market Access and Public Affairs Manager Top 20 Pharma Company

"The health economic modelling for our HTA submission was difficult and complex, but the Mtech Access Health Economist came up with lots of ideas, working with our team to overcome these challenges; it was just like having another colleague around the table."

Head of Market Access, UK & IrelandPharma Company

"The medical writing skill at Mtech Access was second to none. The writers were good at asking for direction when needed, which avoided rewrites and meant that the team got it spot on the first time around."

Head of Market Access, UK & IrelandPharma Company

“It was great to get insights on the HTA landscape. The desk research done by Mtech Access was really detailed and identified a lot of gaps, whilst the experts that Mtech Access interviewed added a lot of value. The insights we gained have helped support our engagement with NICE and other stakeholders.”

Health Economics ManagerTop 20 Pharma Company

“The HTA landscape review and strategy recommendations report has been a very useful resource as we develop our market access strategies across Europe, giving us insights on how to manage our product in different countries. We were very well supported by the Mtech Access team and the final presentation was done really well.”

Payer Engagement LeadTop 20 Pharma company

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    What is a Health Technology Assessment?

    A Health Technology Assessment (HTA) systematically evaluates the properties and effects of a new drug, medical device, or other medical technology to assess whether these effects drive sufficient benefit to patients and wider society, relative to their cost.

    The HTA submission dossier is typically submitted to a national body, such as NICE in England or SMC in Scotland, who assess the product’s clinical and economic value relative to current clinical practice.

    The HTA body determines where a product is deemed to provide sufficient incremental value at an acceptable price to justify its use by the health service.

    In many key markets, gaining approval by national reimbursement, pricing, or HTA agencies is critical to the commercial success of a new product launch.

    HTA is the bridge between evidence and policy-making, providing a range of stakeholders with evidence-based information to guide decisions around the efficient allocation of resources.

    Those that achieve a successful HTA submission overcome one of the most significant hurdles in the market access journey.

    We offer a full HTA service delivered in-house by our highly experienced team of market access writers, health economists, literature review analysts, medical statisticians, and consultants.

    This one-team approach delivers quality, consistency, and efficiency for our clients.

    Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Support

    Discover how we can help you overcome one of the most significant hurdles in market access… the HTA submission.

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    Which health technologies are assessed?

    • Pharmaceuticals​
    • Devices​
    • Diagnostic tests​
    • Procedures​
    • Technologies for orphan/ultra orphan/end-of life conditions​
    • Emerging: Apps/digital technologies​

    Support for each step of the Health Technology Assessment journey

    We offer a full service, from strategy through to evidence generation, dossier writing, and post-submission support. We believe that providing the full HTA service delivers quality, consistency and efficiency benefits for our clients​.


    We are leaders in:

    NICE META Tool – Support for Medtech Innovators

    As a certified NICE META Tool facilitating organisation, we help Medtech and Digital Health companies to identify gaps in their product development and evidence generation plans. Work with our experts to understand the evidence requirements of key healthcare decision makers, develop a compelling, evidence-rich value proposition, and prepare for commercial launch.

    Discover our META Tool service

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