Veeva Partnership – Budget Impact Models & Data Visualisation

Mtech Access are a full-service Veeva content partner, with 6+ years’ experience integrating both dynamic (calculator) and static (presentations) tools with Veeva CRM.

We leverage Veeva’s full functionality, including usage monitoring and Engage for Meetings, to deliver the best possible experience for your teams and your customers.

Our health economists, customer communication specialists, medical writers, developers and designers collaborate to create market-leading presentation aids and health economic models that integrate fully with the Veeva platform. We can create the content of your tool and build the digital asset.

We design and build Veeva CRM-compatible:

Bespoke Approved Emails

Conversion for Veeva:

We can convert your existing materials or develop your tool from beginning to end.

In this example, we have converted an Excel model into a more interactive Veeva toolkit:

Convert Excel budget impact models to Veeva Veeva budget impact model
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    Veeva technical expertise:

    Our in-house technical programming and creative design team have experience with:

    Dynamic Approved Emails
    Our presentations integrate fully with Veeva CRM Approved Email, to generate post-call reports that fully reflect the custom scenario discussed with the customer.
    Review and approval

    We can upload and tag your materials in Veeva Vault PromoMats for review, ensuring an efficient certification process and smooth delivery.

    Multi-country adaptations

    Our development process facilitates efficient adaptation and roll-out of multi-country presentations, with specific value messaging, language, data and references.

    Veeva CRM for iPad and Windows

    We develop tools that integrate with Veeva CRM for both iPad and Windows, enabling your team to deliver presentations on multiple devices. Our tools also support Veeva Engage for Meetings.

    Remote meetings and training

    We can train your account managers on the best ways to use your presentations within Veeva, taking advantage of Veeva CRM Engage for Meetings. We can also track and monitor usage statistics.

    Manage data updates in-house

    Our presentations can support advanced features of Veeva that can be used to allow our clients to manage data updates autonomously.