“It’s been a pleasure working with the Mtech Access dream team! Great outcomes achieved in our SMC appraisals and in a speedy fashion too! This is a massive achievement and almost unexpected, as less than 20% of Detailed Advice Documents (DADs) are positive, especially considering the complexity of this appraisal.”

HTA Manager, top 20 Pharma

“[Mtech Access were] fantastic to work with [and] went over and above the standards expected”

Head of Market Access who commissioned a suite of UK HTA submissions

“The project absolutely met its aims and is gaining traction in the field where I already have reports that it has helped with interactions and positively increased sales”

Pharma Value & Access Manager who commissioned an Mtech Access local payer communication tool

“Mtech Access is the best consultancy, in my opinion, due to the calibre of the people. The team were really easy to work with, were quick to action everything, and kept us updated on the whole process”

Senior Market Access and Reimbursement Manager – Medtech Company

“The mock meeting was excellent and very well delivered. The team were so responsive, easy to communicate with, very flexible and able to implement things last minute. We would definitely do this again with Mtech!”

HTA & Access Lead – top 20 Pharma company

“Without Mtech Access we may have missed several deadlines, as we had multiple HTA submissions to coordinate and faced added disruption to timelines and processes due to the pandemic. The situation was challenging, and I don’t think we could have got through the process without the quality of the work, the complete understanding of the process, and fantastic project management delivered by Mtech Access.”

Head of Market Access, UK & Ireland – Pharma company

“In my experience, the team at Mtech Access are among the best in the industry. It’s always a pleasure working with them as they are appreciative of their customers’ needs, ensure timely communication, and develop payer communication tools of utmost quality in line with my expectations.”

HEOR Manager – top 20 Pharma company

“I just want to say that the payer research project was really great. I understood it was a challenge but the team did an amazing job.”

HEOR Lead – Global Market Access – top 20 Pharma company 

“The HTA strategy and gap analysis from Mtech Access was highly satisfying and exceeded all expectations. We were impressed by how comprehensive the research was, and how dedicated the team were. The project management and communication from the team was perfect. 10/10.”

Senior Market Access and Public Affairs Manager – top 20 Pharma company

“The UK Diagnostic Landscape Study has proved to be really good value for money – we’re really pleased. The report has provided our UK team with a lot more detail than we had before, and we are taking learnings forward to apply to our European strategy.”

Market Access and HEOR Director – Diagnostics and Medical Device company

“I was really pleased with how the advisory board went. The outcomes were good and useful. If you are looking for something slightly different, go to Mtech. [When working with Mtech,] we know we’re going to get what’s promised and that there will always be delegates with interesting roles who have a real desire to engage in the process.”

Market Access Manager – top 20 Pharma company

“It was great to get insights on the HTA landscape. The desk research done by Mtech Access was really detailed and identified a lot of gaps, whilst the experts that Mtech Access interviewed added a lot of value. The insights we gained have helped support our engagement with NICE and other stakeholders.”

Health Economics Manager – top 20 Pharma company

“Facing pressing resubmission deadlines, we reached out to Mtech Access to update our Systematic Literature Review and Data Analysis. I was very glad we did. We received the optimal outcome given the timelines – overall a very successful project!”

Global HEOR Director – Pharma Company

“What Mtech Access do is unique. They have a set of people with varied and experienced roles who can translate between the NHS and industry and offer industry real-time feedback.”

Market Access Manager – top 20 Pharma company

“The software platform that Mtech Access developed for us has 100% improved the way we access and use these data across the company. Where before we had a very manual process, now the platform saves us time, data are a lot easier to analyse and the quality and safety of the data have improved massively. Our team loves it!”

Global Market Access and Health Economics Lead – Leading healthcare products and services company

“The Budget Impact Model was exactly what we had in mind and we were delighted with the project overall. 10/10. Sales on the product are 50% higher than they were in the same week last year – a great result – the medicine is being used in hospital trusts and is saving lives.”

MD – Pharma company

“The support from the Mtech Access team was outstanding. The Mtech Access health economists inputted into the systematic reviews to make sure everything ran smoothly for the models. I have come to realise that there are many benefits that come from having the Systematic Review, Network Meta-Analysis and Health Economics models done by the same agency.”

Global Health Economics Director – Pharma company

“The digital value communication tool [Mtech Access developed] is now being used by the field team, and we have been able to expand the access to this drug. It is an absolutely brilliant and incredible tool.”

Market Access employee, top 20 Pharma company

“We were highly satisfied with the updates to our global value dossier and core value dossier. The wider team were also very impressed with the work.”

Global Head of Market Access, Pharma company

“The best thing about the project management at Mtech Access is that it just happens, with minimal input at my end. Our regular catchups were enlightening. Nice to hear another perspective with rounded experience.”

Health Economics Lead, Top 20 Pharma company

“Honestly, the best agency I have ever worked with. It felt like we were working with a partner and not an agency!”

Global Medical Director – top 20 Pharma company

“Mtech Access have built us an amazing value communication tool, which works excellently for us. They are the best in the market for these digital tools and we really value their experience.”

Market access employee, Top 20 Pharma company

“The HTA landscape review and strategy recommendations report has been a very useful resource as we develop our market access strategies across Europe, giving us insights on how to manage our product in different countries. We were very well supported by the Mtech Access team and the final presentation was done really well.”

Payer Engagement Lead – top 20 Pharma company

“We were and are very happy with the work done by the Mtech Access team on this project. Overall, we have a reliable, organized and dedicated partner who is able to quickly implement changes and feedback. All of this while having a very positive work atmosphere that makes one want to work on the project.”

Global Market Access and Health Economics Manager – Medtech company

“Thank you Mtech Access for organising such a collaborative and interesting event, in the Cancer Alliances Above Brand event. Following the workshop sessions, I am really interested in continuing our engagement with the Cancer Alliances.”

Healthcare Account Manager, Amazon Web Services

“Mtech Access challenged us to do something a little bit different and step outside our comfort zone. I really liked the team’s willingness, enthusiasm, and creativity.” 

Health Economics Lead, Top 20 Pharma company

“Thank you Mtech Access for helping us build and run such a perfectly pitched Competitor Mindset workshop. All indications are that we nailed our objective – the feedback has been 5 star!” 

Global Market Access Principal, Pharma company

“I was impressed by the calibre of the Associates in your network. It means that we had the perfect experts to provide input on our UK market access strategy. The advisory board was well structured and engaging – 5/5 for facilitation! We have already made a start on the recommendations, and these have really helped us prioritise the different activities and shaped our thinking.”

Pricing, Reimbursement & Access Manager, Top 20 Pharma Company

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