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Healthcare, economics and society – unlocking NHS collaboration

Will NHS leaders, as part of an Integrated Care System (ICS), make conscious decisions to drive economic and social change?

What social and economic value do ICSs offer the wider population they serve? How will industry support ICSs to deliver population-based health and social benefits?

Prof Phil Richardson (Chair and Chief Innovation Officer, Mtech Access) was joined by Michael Wood (Head of Health Economic Partnerships, NHS Confed) for a far-reaching discussion around system integration, population health management, and the NHS’s social and economic potential, for our January webinar.

In December (2022), Michael Wood authored a report exploring one of the four key purposes of an ICS: to help the NHS support broader social and economic development. Michael’s NHS Confed report looked at the economics of healthcare and where broader strategic partnership working might lead system thinking in the NHS.

Phil Richardson was one of several experienced ICS, local authority, university and professional experts that Michael invited to share their perspectives in the report.

In January, we were delighted to bring Michael and Phil together in this webinar to discuss these topics, particularly in light of what these new leadership purposes mean for the NHS’s relationship with the Pharmaceutical and wider Life Science industries.

In the webinar, Phil and Michael discuss:

  • NHS Confed and the links between the health sector and the economy
  • The need for ICS leaders to focus on broader social and economic development
  • How Pharma and Medical Device companies can add value to support this key ICS purpose
  • Why health and economic development is key to tackling health inequalities
  • The important role the NHS plays as an anchor institution that links better health with economic and social development
  • What health and economic development could mean for funding at different levels of an integrated system – e.g. place based commissioning
  • Opportunities for industry to step up and support the NHS with economic and social development

About our speaker

Michael Wood (Head of Health Economic Partnerships, NHS Confederation)

As head of health economic partnerships at the NHS Confederation, Michael advises NHS leaders nationally and locally on policy, strategy, partnerships, and funding relating to areas such as skills and workforce, estates, innovation, population health and finance.

Michael has been with the NHS Confederation for over 14 years, having previously held roles as NHS Local Growth Adviser and Senior European Policy Manager. He currently holds national advisory positions on the National Centre for Rural Health and Care, the Civic University Network and the NHS Population Health Advisory Group, as well as working part-time for NHS London.

Listen to the podcast:

This episode is also available as a podcast. Listen below or search ‘Pharma Market Access Insights  – from Mtech Access’ on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts.

Your questions answered:

In response to this webinar, we received some really insightful audience questions. We were unable to explore all of these during the live webinar, so Phil has penned answers to these, with input from Michael.

Audience Q&A

This webinar forms part of our monthly Whispers’ Words of Wisdom series, in which we have in-depth, comprehensive conversations with senior colleagues from the NHS. We explore what their immediate priorities are, what they see as the greatest challenges currently faced by the NHS, and how the NHS might respond to these challenges.

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