Global Market Access and Pricing

In a highly dynamic and evolving global healthcare environment, demonstrating the value of your product is key to ensuring patient access and commercial success. We support Pharmaceutical and Medtech companies with their global market access and pricing strategies.

How we can help with market access strategy:

We address key business questions through a variety of research approaches to devise and implement a robust market access and pricing strategy for your product, maximising its commercial potential.

1) Understanding the global market landscape 

To build a successful international market access strategy it is crucial to understand the global market landscape that the intervention is likely to face at launch and beyond.

Using both primary and desk research methodologies, we build a complete picture of the opportunities and challenges for a treatment in its key launch markets. To provide further insights and validation, we recommend conducting interviews with relevant payer and clinician stakeholders, making use of our extensive global network of experts.

We recommend market research, including landscape analysis, competitor analysis, price benchmarking, analogue assessment, opportunity assessment, stakeholder mapping, patient journey analysis and decision trend analysis. In this case study, we conducted a review of HTA decisions in key markets for a gene therapy to inform the market access strategy we recommended to our client.

The findings from such research can be used to inform market access and pricing strategy, evidence generation strategy, value proposition development, objection handler development and a range of other activities.

2) Market access, reimbursement and pricing strategy

Pre-launch strategy is key to the success of any drug, medical device or treatment. Each product will face different challenges and opportunities determined by the disease area, the current and future market and payer stakeholder landscape, competitor market access and pricing strategy, development costs, and its expected value to healthcare systems and patients.

We help leading Pharmaceutical and Medtech companies develop and implement strategies to ensure life-changing treatments reach patients across the world.

Ultimately, any strategy must work for payers and clinicians in the real world. Asking for their perspective is an essential step in ensuring that a market access strategy is fit-for-purpose. It is also a crucial step in identifying key areas of weakness for further research and objection handling. We collaborate with our extensive network of external payers and clinical experts across global markets, who are on hand to share their perspectives.

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    3) Global value communication for market access

    A clear global value narrative provides local market access teams with consistent, impactful, evidence-based messages that they can adapt to meet the specific needs of local markets, for example in payer negotiations or submissions to HTA agencies.

    We work with global and regional market access teams in leading Pharmaceutical and Medtech companies to create, test and validate value stories that resonate with payers across Europe and Internationally.

    Our approach is rigorously evidence-based and validated by our network of global payers and key opinion leaders (KOLs). Our resulting deliverables, reports and dossiers are engaging and accessible. These include:

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      Typical questions addressed by our global market access and pricing consultants:

      As a leading global market access consultancy, here are some of the questions we can address for your new drug, device, or treatment:

      • What is the commercial potential of the product?
      • How does the patient journey differ by patient segment, market or country? How will this change in the future, leading up to anticipated launch?
      • What positioning strategy will maximise success?
      • How can the product’s competitive position be strengthened?
      • Who are the key stakeholders and decision-makers for the product? What is the reimbursement decision-making process? Are any key changes expected in the future, and how can we prepare?
      • What is the optimal supporting clinical package, trial design, endpoint and outcome measure(s)?
      • What will be the optimal price and market access strategy for my brand?
      • How can the product be priced competitively? How can innovative pricing strategies be utilised to optimise market access? How can I validate my preferred pricing strategy?
      • What will be the impact of patented, generic or biosimilar competitors on access? How can this be mitigated?

      We are market leaders in:

      • Global pricing and market access strategy
      • Market opportunity assessment and landscape analysis
      • Stakeholder mapping
      • Reimbursement and HTA decision trend analysis
      • Value communication strategy
      • Global value proposition development and testing
      • Global value dossiers
      • Clinical development strategy and planning
      • Commercial analysis and strategy
      Global Market Access Consultants

      Market access strategy to support launch in key international markets 

      We develop global pricing and market access strategies that recognise the specific requirements of key launch markets. Utilising our broad network of global payers and KOLs, we work with our clients to develop a global approach that meets the needs of local stakeholders across all key launch markets, including:

      Why choose Mtech Access?

      • We have experience and capabilities spanning global markets including:
        • Europe
        • LATAM
        • US and Canada
        • Australasia
        • Asia
      • We work with an extensive network of stakeholders to deliver primary research
      • We also have access to a broad network of in-country market access experts to support market-specific needs
      • We’ll be by your side from phase 1 through to post-launch, guiding you through each stage of your global market access journey
      • We have an interactive global value dossier platform to house your GVDs, enable efficient updates and ensure your affiliates always have the latest evidence to hand

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