Digital Capabilities

Use of digital media and platforms is a core component of pharmaceutical and medical device companies’ market access activities.

Our in-house design and development team are experts in creating digital tools and systems for any platform or device.

We develop and design:

Our in-house digital capabilities mean our Pharma and Medtech clients needn’t choose between market access expertise and digital expertise: our developers and designers work hand-in-hand with our value communication and health economics teams to build your tool.

We validate key principles, messaging and designs directly with our network of payers, clinicians and other stakeholders. In the UK, we have close relationships with over 90 contracted associates working in the NHS, who work directly with us on our digital tools to ensure our messages will resonate with decision-makers.

A multichannel approach to engaging healthcare decision-makers

With healthcare decision-makers facing increased time and budget pressures, effective, efficient and flexible engagement solutions are a top priority. Pharma and Medtech companies are looking to engage with customers in ways that meet their needs and fit their schedules, via solutions that re-use content across multiple channels.

A multichannel approach yields greater engagement by allowing customers to choose how to access content. For example, an account manager may demonstrate the local value of a product using an interactive Budget Impact Model (BIM) during a meeting, before sending the healthcare professional (HCP) a link to access the same BIM in the format of a responsive, online, self-led version, along with an automated email-based summary business case. This enables the HCP to review the content in a format, at a time, and on a device of their choosing. Our online offerings can also provide an omnichannel approach, enabling conversations to continue in multiple settings and timeframes.

We develop our digital media and platforms in a way that enables core content to be re-used on multiple channels / platforms. Our code is written using web technology that is largely cross platform compatible, including:

  • iPad
  • Windows
  • Online – behind a login / SSO
  • Online – public, self-led and responsive

When designing interactive BIMs and value communication materials, we develop them to fit these platforms to drive flexible, adaptive, tailored conversations.

What does this mean for the customer experience?

Our digital solutions allow account managers to have engaging and impactful conversations with healthcare decision-makers using interactive visual aids and apps.

Account managers can adapt the data and tailor the presentation to reflect the customer’s challenges, objectives, budgets and health economy. Following a conversation, data are saved for distribution in a follow up email or for secure access by the HCP online.

Via this multichannel approach, the healthcare decision-maker can interact with the budget impact model safely and securely, to explore the benefits of the intervention in a flexible and timely way.

Veeva Content Partner

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    Integrating market access materials with your CRM / CLM

    Integrating market access materials with your CRM CLM

    Integrating KAM materials with CRM/CLM means that usage statistics and payer reactions can be tracked and interpreted centrally, facilitating decisive action and ensuring your content continues to make a difference. This integration enables manufacturers to reach more stakeholders, enables customers to access the information they value, and allows real-time tracking and monitoring of field-force engagements.

    It also improves the quality and impact of promotional materials, facilitates version control and updates, and enables easy access of materials by affiliates.

    Our team have significant experience with CRM / CLM platforms used across the life sciences sector, including

    Omnichannel content

    We offer omnichannel solutions that enable healthcare professionals to access self-led versions of BIMs and business case generators. Links to these solutions can be included in materials including leave pieces and reports.

    Our omnichannel solutions can even integrate with our Excel® Budget Impact Models to enable the healthcare professionals to enter confidential data such as drug prices and view local results without this information leaving their device or being shared with the Account Manager.

    We are leaders in

    • Intuitive clinical and financial value communication tools for distribution via the iPad, the web or the laptop (including budget impact models, detail aids and value proposition presentations)
    • Real-world data visualisation dashboards (Connected Insights)
    • Responsive, online, self-led materials that work on any device
    • GVD viewer / resource-housing platforms
    • Objection handlers, payer decisions databases and online business case generators
    • Bespoke platforms and software solutions
    • Integration of interactive, data-driven tools with Veeva and other CRM systems
    • UI/UX design and experts in creating engaging and creative materials

    We are a Veeva full-service content partner and can create both the content and the digital assets for your in-field teams.

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