eDetail solutions, data-driven interactive visual aids and digital sales aids

With local healthcare providers experiencing unique pressures, Pharma and Medtech must be able to adapt their messages to reflect different audiences, while ensuring they are fully compliant.

We enable market access, brand and field force teams to meet this challenge by developing fully dynamic models or integrating dynamic data-driven pages within static content, made possible by the availability of disease prevalence and management datasets specific to health economies.

Whilst compliant content is locked down, account managers have the flexibility to adjust key data or select from pre-approved options when engaging with healthcare decision-makers.

Creating your interactive visual aid

Some creative agencies have talented developers and designers. Some market access consultancies have experienced medical writers and value communication analysts. We have all this expertise in-house.

We can either develop your value proposition from scratch or optimise existing materials for conversion into user-friendly, engaging interactive apps or websites.

creating your interactive visual aid

Deploying your interactive visual aid for use in the field

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Our priority is to develop dynamic apps that work for your in-field teams, resonate with healthcare decision-makers, and help effective treatments reach the patients who need them.

We design our tools to enable improved customer engagement with:

  • Cross platform compatibility – use our tools on the iPad, Windows or online
  • Integrated saving of scenarios – continue the conversation across multiple engagements with data saved from your last conversation
  • Approved email summary reports
  • Live data feeds
  • Usage tracking and analytics

We also offer comprehensive training services to ensure that KAMs are equipped to use our tools to their full potential.

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