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The White Paper and integrated care in the NHS: What it really means in practice for clinicians, patients and us

The White Paper and integrated care in the NHS: What it really means in practice for clinicians, patients and us. NHS insights webinar with: Dr John Ribchester, GP and Clinical Director at Whitstable Primary Care Network

Are you wondering what integrated care will look like when the Health and Care White Paper proposals become a reality? Few are better placed than Dr John Ribchester to inform us. Dr Ribchester is a GP and Clinical Director of Whitstable Primary Care Network (PCN) in Kent and has led development of an integrated service that represents many of the desired endpoints of the White Paper changes. He joined Tom Clarke (Director, Mtech Access) on Friday 26th February for our live webinar: ‘The White Paper and integrated care in the NHS: what it really means in practice for clinicians, patients and us’.

In our February #WhispersWordsofWisdom webinar, Tom Clarke was joined by Dr John Ribchester to explore how integrated care can work in practice, the future of out of hospital care and how the Government’s new proposals may change healthcare services.

The UK Government’s Health and Care White Paper was published on 11th February. The text sets out a major proposed reorganisation of the NHS in England that is largely in line with recent NHS policies around integration, consolidation and control.

Dr Ribchester has consistently been at the forefront of innovative NHS models of care for some 30 years. At his Whitstable practice, he leads a model of care that breaks down hospital, community and primary care boundaries. In many ways it represents the endpoint that all others in the NHS aspire to achieve. That is why Sir Simon Stevens launched the “Five Year Forward View” from Dr Ribchester’s site in Kent.

We know of no-one better qualified to describe where the NHS is heading and to demystify the language of integration, consolidation, place, population health, and everything else that is new.

Dr Ribchester is regularly considered one of our most inspirational speakers because he talks from experience of having led transformation to integrated care. You can expect to gain insight of  case examples covering medicines, devices, diagnostics and services of all kinds.

We are excited to welcome Dr Ribchester to the Whispers’ Words of Wisdom webinar series.

This webinar forms part of our monthly Whispers’ Words of Wisdom series, in which we have in‑depth, comprehensive conversations with senior colleagues from the NHS. We explore what their immediate priorities are, what they see as the greatest challenges currently faced by the NHS, and how the NHS might respond to these challenges.

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