Case Studies & Testimonials

Giving healthcare customers a true picture of budget impact

Typically, budget impact models enable comparison between products by using publicly available ‘list’ prices. However, both NHS and industry are aware that these do not reflect the actual cost of the treatments, as list prices do not account for the discounts negotiated by healthcare providers. Our client was looking to enable their customers to compare the net price of products, including these confidential discounts, to give a true picture of the value of their product. Read more…

Reviewing HTA decisions in key markets across the globe

With a gene therapy for a rare disease in early development, the client was looking to understand how previous therapies in the same disease area have approached their health technology assessment (HTA) submissions, as well as the key challenges and critique previously received by HTA agencies in key markets across the globe. Read more…

Understanding changing perceptions of value in the NHS

The client was looking to help a newly formed team to improve their understanding of how value is perceived across the NHS by different key stakeholders. Their overall aim was to understand how the team could deliver value for the NHS in new ways whilst better supporting clinicians in the implementation of clinical guidelines. Read more…

Using real-world data to build a case for change

Our client was looking for a visually compelling way to enable their field teams to present health data on relevant health economies to NHS decision-makers. Read more…

Optimising visualisation and communication in an app-based Cost-Consequence Model

Our client had a cost-consequence model in Excel that had been developed by their internal global market access team. They were seeking an agency to re-build this model as an interactive digital app for use in the field. Read more…


“The project absolutely met its aims and is gaining traction in the field where I already have reports that it has helped with interactions and positively increased sales”.

Pharma Value & Access Manager who commissioned an Mtech Access local payer communication tool

“[Mtech Access were] fantastic to work with [and] went over and above the standards expected”

Head of Market Access who commissioned a suite of UK HTA submissions

“I just want to say that the payer research project was really great. I understood it was a challenge but the team did an amazing job.”

HEOR LeadGlobal Market Access in a top 20 Pharma company

“The mock meeting was excellent and very well delivered. The team were so responsive, easy to communicate with, very flexible and able to implement things last minute. We would definitely do this again with Mtech!”

HTA & Access Lead Top 20 pharma company

“What Mtech Access do is unique. They have a set of people with varied and experienced roles who can translate between the NHS and industry and offer industry real-time feedback.”

Market Access ManagerTop 20 Pharma company

“I was really pleased with how the advisory board went. The outcomes were good and useful. If you are looking for something slightly different, go to Mtech. [When working with Mtech, ] we know we’re going to get what’s promised and that there will always be delegates with interesting roles who have a real desire to engage in the process.”

Market Access Manager, Top 20 pharma company Top 20 pharma company

“In my experience, the team at Mtech Access are among the best in the industry. It’s always a pleasure working with them as they are appreciative of their customers’ needs, ensure timely communication, and develop payer communication tools of utmost quality in line with my expectations.”

HEOR ManagerTop 20 Pharma company

“Today’s NHS Insights session was excellent. We really liked the content and format. Liz Cross, the NHS Advanced Nurse Practitioner who spoke, was really good value – very insightful – thanks for inviting her.”

Head of Market AccessPharma client

“Without Mtech Access we may have missed several deadlines, as we had multiple HTA submissions to coordinate and faced added disruption to timelines and processes due to the pandemic. The situation was challenging, and I don’t think we could have got through the process without the quality of the work, the complete understanding of the process, and fantastic project management delivered by Mtech Access.”

Head of Market Access, UK & IrelandPharma Company

“The HTA strategy and gap analysis from Mtech Access was highly satisfying and exceeded all expectations. We were impressed by how comprehensive the research was, and how dedicated the team were. The project management and communication from the team was perfect. 10/10.”

Senior Market Access and Public Affairs ManagerTop 20 Pharma Company

“It was great to get insights on the HTA landscape. The desk research done by Mtech Access was really detailed and identified a lot of gaps, whilst the experts that Mtech Access interviewed added a lot of value. The insights we gained have helped support our engagement with NICE and other stakeholders.”

Health Economics ManagerTop 20 Pharma Company

“Facing pressing resubmission deadlines, we reached out to Mtech Access to update our Systematic Literature Review and Data Analysis. I was very glad we did. We received the optimal outcome given the timelines – overall a very successful project!”

Global HEOR DirectorPharma Company

“Mtech Access is the best consultancy, in my opinion, due to the calibre of the people. The team were really easy to work with, were quick to action everything, and kept us updated on the whole process”

Senior Market Access and Reimbursement ManagerMedtech Company