Case Study

Understanding the diagnostic market access landscape in the UK

What our client needed

Our client’s team were looking for a consultancy to support them in understanding the diagnostics market access landscape across the UK. The client already has a range of diagnostic devices in multiple indications, which are currently actively used across the NHS. They were seeking to identify and explore current and future opportunities and routes to market within the NHS and how to optimise these.

They needed to communicate these opportunities to both local field teams and global executives, with varying degrees of understanding of the NHS landscape. The outcomes of this project would inform their strategy for engagement with the NHS.

How we supported them

We conducted targeted desktop research of NHS, market access and regulatory policy, as well as best practice examples. We were looking to identify standard operating procedures and different models of funding and delivery of diagnostics across the healthcare system.

We then used our network of NHS Associates to validate our findings and gain further first-hand insights on current practice and opportunities for diagnostics within the NHS. We conducted interviews with seven Associates from a range of backgrounds, including system, place and neighbourhood level, as well as pathology/diagnostics and front-line clinicians.

Building on these insights, we identified key stakeholders involved in services that include diagnostics, from service design, planning and commissioning, to training, users and quality controllers. We then developed a stakeholder map, and further validated this with one of our NHS Associates with specialist knowledge in these types of diagnostics.

The findings were compiled into a comprehensive report, with a top-line executive summary that included key findings and strategic recommendations.

The outcome

We highlighted the extent of variation in the use of diagnostics and medical technologies in the UK. We demonstrated that there are multiple opportunities for these devices at a local, system, regional and national level. We identified key policies that our client could leverage and communicate within their value narrative. Overall, we were able to provide practical recommendations and actions that the client could use to inform their market access strategy and share with their local and global teams.

How we added value

The Mtech Access team’s first-hand experience within the NHS and up-to-date knowledge of the continually changing policy landscape allowed us to provide insights in real time, answer further questions and provide advice on where and how to leverage opportunities.

Client testimony

“The UK Diagnostic Landscape Study has proved to be really good value for money – we’re really pleased. The report has provided our UK team with a lot more detail than we had before, and we are taking learnings forward to apply to our European strategy.” – Market Access and HEOR Director, Diagnostics and Medical Device company