Case Study

Gaining global payer insights to inform clinical trial design, price and market access strategy

What our client needed

Our client had a biologic product in clinical development for several different dermatological conditions. In preparation for their Phase 3 trial for the second planned indication, they sought input from payers into key elements of the target product profile (TPP). In particular, they wanted payers’ perspectives on patient population, endpoint selection, comparators, route of administration, and expected clinical and safety outcomes, to understand their impact on price, reimbursement, and access (PRA) potential. The outputs of the research would inform the clinical trial design, future value communications and PRA strategy across the product lifecycle.

How we supported them

Our team designed a detailed stimulus and interview guide to use in web-enabled interviews with payers. We approached payers representing national health technology assessment (HTA) bodies in Canada, China, France, Germany, Spain and the UK, along with commercial payers from national and regional plans in the USA.

We tailored the materials to meet the diverse perspectives of the different payer archetypes in the sample, with the input of the client’s global market access team and local market affiliates.

Our final report summarised the key payer insights and offered a series of strategic recommendations for the global team, and for local affiliates.

The outcome

Designing clinical trials that satisfy the needs of different stakeholders is critical to the success of a product. The perspective of regulatory bodies, payers, clinicians, and patients must all be considered and balanced, along with the needs of investors and the sponsor company.

Our research supported the client with a nuanced view of the payer perspective on the TPP and the PRA potential for the product. The research provided our client with the insights and perspectives they need to inform their internal decision making and product strategy across the lifecycle of the product.

How we added value

At Mtech Access we understand the importance of gathering insights to inform decision-making. Through our network of global payers, we can access the right audience to generate high quality insights. However, our role does not end there, and we will never be satisfied with a data dump. We combine insights from the research, with knowledge of the healthcare and market access landscape to communicate actionable recommendations to address our clients’ specific brand challenges.