Case Study

Communicating value with a suite of visually impactful materials connected via a digital platform

What our client needed

To support payer engagement and reimbursement activities, our client was looking for a partner to develop a suite of value communication materials for their medical device, indicated for the treatment of a neurological condition. The materials needed to present the latest global evidence and be easily adaptable for use by affiliates in local markets.

How we supported them

Our team of Systematic Review Analysts completed a series of reviews to gather evidence for treatments available in the disease area to inform a complex indirect treatment comparison executed by our in-house Biostatisticians. This provided our client with synthesised head-to-head data for their device versus its comparators.

Utilising this evidence, our Medical Writing Team developed a value proposition slide deck and a comprehensive global value dossier (GVD). These presented the full value story for the medical device, encompassing disease burden, unmet needs, and clinical and economic value. The GVD was accompanied by a series of 1-page study summaries showcasing key studies of interest. The design of the slide decks and GVD was overseen by our in-house Graphic Design Team to ensure maximum visual impact and brand-alignment. Lastly, our Programming Team onboarded the entire suite of materials onto our digital GVD platform.

The outcome

We successfully delivered a suite of online-hosted, scientifically robust, and visually compelling value communication materials that our client could use to support reimbursement body and payer engagements globally.

How we added value

Our unique value communications platform exceeded client expectations with the extent of navigation and search functionalities available. The platform enables the creation and redownload of customised materials, as well as the ability to search, filter, and cross-link materials and supporting evidence on a single source. Our digital and programming expertise ensured an optimal user experience for our client, which enhanced the use of their market access value communications.