Case Study

Exploring funding and reimbursement routes for digital health technologies across EU4, UK and US

What our client needed

Our client had several innovative digital health solutions in their pipeline and was looking to understand how to obtain funding in major European and US markets.

The client was keen to explore both conventional reimbursement routes for digital health technologies across these markets, as well as any alternative patient access, funding, evidence development and early access schemes available.

For each reimbursement pathway identified, the client was looking to understand:

  • Who are the relevant stakeholders?
  • What are the eligibility criteria and evidence requirements?
  • How do the application processes work?

The client was also looking for advice on the feasibility of these commercial strategies in the context of the corresponding country landscape.

How we supported them

We drew on our own knowledge and experience, supplemented by secondary research for each market of interest, to identify the routes to reimbursement and any additional evidence development schemes applicable to the client.

We identified the relevant stakeholder bodies for each of the pathways that we believed our client should engage with to aid their reimbursement status. We then mapped out the application process and methodology our client should follow, including the evidence required to be successful on the pathways identified.

We collated this information into a series of Microsoft Word reports. A separate, in-depth, country-specific report was written for each of the markets explored.

Following this, we also created an executive summary in PowerPoint. The summary highlighted the optimum and sub-optimum routes to reimbursement in each of the countries and our strategic recommendations to be successful in gaining reimbursement across the EU4, UK and US.

The outcome

We presented the client with reports detailing the reimbursement and funding opportunities available for their various digital health technologies. The reports included detailed information about the current reimbursement landscape in the EU4, UK and US and the specific reimbursement routes that the client’s products were likely to be eligible for.

We provided our client with strategic recommendations regarding the optimal routes to reimbursement, and the strategies they should follow in order to effectively launch their products across the EU4, UK and US.

The client was able to use both the Word reports and the executive summary to develop their reimbursement strategy. Using the data presented, the client was able to strategically plan for the collection of appropriate evidence, as well as engage with key stakeholders to increase the likelihood of receiving reimbursement status in the relevant markets.

How we added value

We provided the final deliverables in the form of Microsoft Word reports to ensure the client had an in-depth overview of the reimbursement market and funding options available. We included visual pathways and summary tables, ensuring the information throughout the report was easy for the client to digest.

Alongside this, we created an additional PowerPoint executive summary so the client’s internal teams could be swiftly educated on the findings.

We also highlighted the current knowledge gaps in our research, that could be investigated further by conducting supplementary primary research with key stakeholders, if the client wished to do so.