Katriona Withers

Katriona has 2.5 years’ experience as an analyst working in the market access and payer value areas. She has worked across multiple disease areas, including cardiovascular disease, autoimmunity, diabetes, transplant and rare diseases. Adept at payer value deliverables, Katriona is highly experienced in the design and creation of core value dossiers, payer value propositions and objection handlers, with proven ability to craft well-considered messaging. Katriona is also competent in a range of payer and pricing projects, including value message testing and advisory boards, with additional experience in the design of research materials. Katriona possesses payer research experience in both established and emerging markets across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Prior to beginning a career in market access, Katriona completed a Master of Pharmacology degree from the University of Bath, which included a year-long placement in a cancer immunology research laboratory.