Iain Shield

Iain is creative, enthusiastic and excited about the blend of design, technology and evidence to demonstrate product value. With over 17 years of experience, 15 of which within a market access consulting environment, Iain has accumulated a broad set of skills required to champion successful digital projects and pioneering market access solutions. Iain has a background in design as well as development and can lead the initiation of a project as well as contribute to its successful execution.

As a digital value communication consultant, Iain is constantly seeking new ways to demonstrate your product’s value and has experience with custom bespoke projects as well as enterprise level SaaS products. Example deliverables Iain has contributed to or led include:

  • Market assessment Veeva dashboards
  • Veeva deployed digital market access tools
  • iPad based budget impact models
  • iPad e-detailing tools and clinical detail aids
  • Numerous print-based campaigns and leave pieces
  • User interface design of numerous market assessment database tools

Iain has a BA (Hons) Cert.Ed in Industrial Design and Technology with Education from the University of Loughborough/