David Niziol

David has over 27 years of experience helping Pharmaceutical and Medtech manufacturers communicate value and gain market access to new and existing technologies. Originally pursuing a career in computer science, David transitioned into the life-sciences sector in the mid-90s, joining a health economics start-up where he enjoyed a 20-year career building and leading the digital payer communication arm of what became one of the largest independent market access consultancies in the UK, Abacus International.

After the sale of Abacus over 8 years ago, David, in collaboration with his schoolmates Andrew Spencer and Anthony Bentley, founded Mtech Access. Created out of the desire to create a ‘people first’ business, Mtech Access is focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for employees, clients, and patients. This people-centric approach has been the driving force behind the thriving team at Mtech Access, contributing to their success in delivering evidence-generation, value-demonstration, and customer-communication services.

Today, as Managing Director of Mtech Access, Powered by Petauri™, David oversees people and culture, finance, operations, commercial, consulting services, and corporate strategy, leading the management team and company to achieve their goals and objectives.

David has a BSc (Hons) in Information Technology from The Open University.