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De-mystifying the NHS – What you need to know about the NHS as a market for your health technology

Are you a global market access lead looking to understand the challenges faced by your UK affiliates? Or do you work at a national level with responsibility for bringing a new health technology to the NHS in England? This July, Global Whispers and NHS Whispers come together, to bring you an overarching view of what it takes to access the NHS with a medtech of pharmaceutical innovation.

On Thursday 11th July, Robert Hull (Senior Consultant – NHS Insight & Interaction) will be joined by Dr Faris Al-Ramadani who will share his experience of introducing new technologies to the NHS from both sides of the fence: as a PCN Clinical Director and GP Partner, and as a HealthTech and Venture Capital VC Consultant. Register now to join us live at 2.00pm (BST) / 9.00am (EDT) / 3.00pm (CEST) or to listen to the recoding later!

The NHS in England is complex and ever changing. Recent years have seen the introduction of new structures, new decision-makers and new priorities. If you’ve fallen out of the loop of what’s happening with the NHS, this webinar is here to help.

After de-ciphering some of the new(er) NHS terminologies and structures, Rob and Faris will discuss:

  • The key steps for introducing a new health technology to the NHS
  • Who to speak to, when and where
  • What to include in your value proposition to appeal to NHS decision-makers
  • How to best meet key stakeholders’ needs
  • The challenges of bringing a new technology to the NHS in England

This webinar is for you, if you:

  • Work in a global role in an international Medical Devices or Pharmaceutical company and are keen to understand the challenges faced by your UK affiliates
  • Are focused on the UK market and are looking to understand more about routes into the NHS
  • Are launching in the UK for the first time

We hope this will prompt conversations between global and local teams. Indeed, we invite our usual NHS Whispers attendees to bring along Global colleagues to join the conversation. Furthermore, we are offering Global and Local teams the opportunity to book a de-brief session, facilitated by our experts, to explore the implications for global / affiliate collaboration and launch. Email info@mtechaccess.co.uk to learn more about this offer or tick the box when you register and we’ll be in touch.

About our speaker

Dr Faris Al-Ramadani

Faris is a highly motivated, enthusiastic, innovative Healthcare Leader currently working as an experienced GP, GP Partner and Primary Care Network (PCN) Clinical Director. He also has experience with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Integrated Care Systems.

Faris brings direct experience of implementing and evaluating digital innovations in NHS primary care, delivering improved outcomes for patients, clinicians and healthcare systems. These successes have led to technologies becoming adopted by wider local healthcare systems. Faris is keen to help industry companies translate their benefit into real world gains for patients and the healthcare system alike.

Dr Faris Al-Ramadani

We invite you to put your questions to Faris in this session. Please suggest a question when you register, or email your questions to info@mtechaccess.co.uk. Register now to join us for the webinar.

If you cannot attend the webinar but would like to know more, please register nonetheless, as all registrants will receive a recording of the webinar.

The webinar is free and open to all market access, patient access, field-based, and other healthcare professional‑facing teams in Pharmaceutical and Medtech companies. We also welcome attendees from the NHS. Some colleagues from other organisations may attend at the discretion of Mtech Access.

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