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Artificial intelligence (AI) in clinical trials: implications for evidence synthesis and market access

On Wednesday 16th August Calum Jones (Senior Consultant – Health Economics, Mtech Access) spoke to Dr George Magrath (CEO, Lexitas) about the use of AI in clinical trials, where and how AI-generated evidence may be accepted, and what this means for the future of evidence synthesis and market access.

How is AI being used in the development of new medicines? What role can AI currently play in clinical trials? Where can AI bridge gaps and solve challenges? What could this mean for the future of market access?

In this webinar, Dr George Magrath explains how his team at Lexitas are using AI in clinical trials in the field of ophthalmology. George and Calum explore:

  • How, when and where AI is being used in clinical trials
  • How Lexitas are using AI in clinical trials for ophthalmology
  • Where AI may offer solutions to existing obstacles in clinical trials and ophthalmic drug development
  • What the future holds for AI in the development of new medicines
  • The role AI can play in selecting patients for clinical trials
  • The impact AI may have on the way we evaluate drug effectiveness
  • What this all means for evidence synthesis, health economics, reimbursement and market access
  • The future prospects of AI in pharmaceutical development

Listen to the podcast:

This episode is also available as a podcast. Listen below or search ‘Pharma Market Access Insights  – from Mtech Access’ on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts.

More about our speaker

Dr George Magrath (CEO, Lexitas)

Dr George Magrath is the CEO of Lexitas, a 160-person company that partners with pharmaceutical firms to develop novel eye care drugs by running clinical trials.

George is a trained ophthalmologist who, despite his busy day-to-day work leading Lexitas, still takes 1 day out every week to maintain his practice and treat patients with rare eye conditions.

We are delighted to welcome George to the Global Whispers webinar series.

Dr George Magrath (CEO, Lexitas)

The Global Whispers webinar series

This webinar is part our Global Whispers series where we explore global market access trends and challenges facing the Pharmaceutical and Medtech industries and offer insights into key launch markets.

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