Mtech Access at NHS ConfedExpo

Introducing Mtech Access

We are a global health economics and outcomes research organisation providing evidence-based innovation and support for service improvement, system integration and improved patient choice.  Our team bring together a unique combination of innovation, evaluation, evidence, modeling, and NHS lived experience.

Speak to our team about:

  • Costed pathway analysis
  • Demonstrating value in population health
  • Addressing health inequalities and strategic priorities
  • Focused strategic prioritisation
  • Shadow boards
  • Industry Associate network
  • Service transformation
  • Evidence based planning, alignment and integration
  • Horizon scanning, best practice analysis and local needs assessment in and for the NHS
  • Insight research
  • Identification of unmet need
  • Health economics partnership
  • Economic and social growth strategies
  • Innovation service

Our team at NHS ConfedExpo

Phil Richardson

Phil Richardson

Chief Innovation Officer & Chair

Jennie Smith

Director – NHS Insight & Interaction

Karen Cooper

Karen Cooper

Senior Consultant – NHS Insight & Interaction

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Insights & Resources

Live webinar: The role of nursing in driving digital change in the NHS

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On-demand webinar: Primary care and ICBs – next steps in the integration journey

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Data-led transformation in the NHS

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On-demand webinar: Innovating for better health

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Unlocking the NHS’s social and economic potential

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On-demand webinar: Healthcare, economics and society

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From Nursing to Digital Health to Mtech Access

From Nursing to Digital Health to Mtech Access – Introducing Jennie Smith cover
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    Our core competencies


    We prioritise innovation as a core value. We continually strive to push boundaries and find novel solutions to address complex NHS challenges. Our team consists of individuals with a strong background in innovation thinking, allowing us to approach problems from unique angles and develop cutting-edge strategies.

    Needs-led Evaluation and Evidence

    We understand the importance of evaluation and evidence in making informed decisions. By utilising rigorous evaluation methodologies, we provide tangible evidence of the success and effectiveness of our approaches and recommendations.


    We possess the capability to create sophisticated models that simulate various scenarios, allowing us to predict outcomes and make informed decisions based on data-driven insights. This enables us to optimise client processes, supporting the allocation of resources efficiently, and minimise potential risks in service transformation.

    NHS Lived Experience

    By incorporating NHS lived experience into our strategies and decision-making processes, we ensure that our solutions are grounded in the reality of those directly affected. This approach fosters empathy, inclusivity, and a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by healthcare professionals and patients alike.

    Effective Communication

    We understand that effective communication is key to successful partnerships, and we employ a range of creative and tailored approaches to connect with our customers. By utilising alternative communication channels, we can ensure that our message is accessible, impactful, and resonates with diverse audiences.


    We have an extensive global network in industry, the NHS and academia coupled to deep internal skills and experience. We provide a co-ordinating role to bring together the expertise, partners and the evaluated evidence to help drive better solutions for better outcomes.