Meet us in Dublin at The Medtech Forum

We are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at The MedTech Forum on 30th May – 1st June in Dublin. The event is MedTech Europe’s annual conference and is the largest health and medical technology industry conference in Europe.

The conference offers a wide ranging programme that includes plenary sessions exploring the impact of innovations like artificial intelligence, to those focused on regulatory pathways and routes to market access and reimbursement.

We’re really looking forward to this opportunity to share insights and explore the challenges and opportunities facing MedTech companies in Europe.

We are particularly excited to speak to those who are looking for support with:

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    Who’s attending The MedTech Forum from Mtech Access?

    Samantha Gillard

    Director – HTA

    Clare Foy

    Director – Global Market Access

    Lydia Crowe

    Commercial Director

    Phil Richardson

    Phil Richardson

    Chief Innovation Officer

    Katie Rose

    Katie Rose

    Consultant – Market Access

    Michelle James

    Michelle James

    Associate Consultant – Market Access

    Parishee Desai

    Senior Partnerships Coordinator

    What are we most looking forward to?

    Clare Foy is looking forward to exploring…

    Preparations for the MDR and IVDR

    “I’m looking forward to exploring how Medical Device and Diagnostic leaders are preparing for the new EU regulations: MDR and IVDR. One of the final sessions on Wednesday at 16.20 is looking at the ‘Global impact of EU MDR / IVDR’. This session will be taking a broader view, to look at the impact of the regulations on other international markets who currently use a similar CE-marking concept. It makes me consider what follow-on implications it will have for commercialisation in these countries.”

    With speakers from Cook Medical, Abbott, Johnson and Johnson, and Mecomed (the trade association for medical technology manufacturers across the Middle East and Africa) this is set to be a great discussion!

    Samantha Gillard is interested in:

    New HTA regulation in Europe

    “On Thursday morning there is a really interesting session on the implementation of new HTA regulation in Europe. The session will be looking at which countries may use this regulation when it launches in January 2025, how it will sit within current access pathways and how it will compare to routes in the UK. It will be interesting to explore how the new European HTA is expected to compare with NICE’s MTEP.”

    Phil Richardson is looking forward to exploring

    Digital transformation and interoperability in healthcare

    There is a session on Thursday lunchtime, entitled ‘Interoperability in Practice – What are the MedTech Industry’s Costs for not Becoming Interoperable?’. The session is set to explore the importance of digital solutions seamlessly communicating with each other and not creating additional admin or barriers for healthcare teams.

    “This puts me in mind of the comments Stephen Slough (Chief Digital Information Officer, NHS Dorset) made in our recent webinar on data-led transformation in the NHS. He also talked about the importance of digital innovations solving challenges around workforce and administrative burdens… Rather than adding to them. Digital technologies have such an important role to play in future healthcare systems, particularly as the focus shifts to population health management and prevention. It will be interesting to see how the views of this European panel compare with those of Stephen and my own experiences of digital transformation in the UK NHS.”

    Lydia Crowe suggests…

    Sustainability in the MedTech sector

    “On Wednesday afternoon there is a really interesting session on sustainability and the opportunities and challenges it holds for the MedTech sector. Leaders from Alcon, Stryker, Abbott Vascular and Thermo Fisher Scientific will be sharing their experiences, in a panel led by the Medtech Europe CEO, Oliver Bisazza.”

    This session will explore how European healthcare systems are increasingly expected to serve not only patients but also the planet. The panellists will consider what this means for the ecological and social footprint of medical technology manufacturers, their technologies, and their evolving missions.

    This is a challenge we are seeing our clients face more and more, as these considerations play a part in healthcare decision-making and so impact market access strategy and value propositions.

    Katie Rose’s top pick:

    The Digital Twin Concept

    “There’s a session on Wednesday lunchtime about the Digital Twin concept. It sounds fascinating! The technology allows the creation of a virtual representation, a digital replica of a process, a medical device, or even a person. With experts from Medtronic and Phillips amongst the panel, it’s set to be a good one!”

    Michelle James is excited for:

    Artificial intelligence in healthcare

    “There’s a session on Thursday morning on the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. The session will look at the EU’s AI Act and the regulatory environment. It will be interesting to consider how the regulatory approval of AI-enabled medical devices will challenge the market access landscape. How will the demonstration of value and evidence requirements evolve for such technologies? How will the reimbursement landscape change?”

    Parishee Desai is looking forward to:

    Understanding MedTech Leaders’ challenges

    “For me, it’s about meeting new partners in the MedTech sector and learning more about their specific challenges. I think the CEO #nofilter sessions will be fantastic for this. I’m particularly looking forward to hearing from Jeremy Eakin (CEO, Eakin Healthcare) and Bronwyn Brophy (Incoming CEO, Vitrolife) who are scheduled for the first session on Wednesday morning, and Lisa Earnhardt (Executive Vice President Medical Devices, Abbott) and Mick Farrell (CEO, ResMed) who are confirmed as guest speakers for the closing session on Tuesday.”