Global Medtech Working Group

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Last week, our Global Medtech Working Group met for the first time to consider the needs of our Medtech clients and what we have to offer them. The answer… a lot! As a team, we have so much expertise and knowledge to share with health tech, medical device, and digital technology companies:

Plus, having worked with a wide range of Pharmaceutical companies, from global brands through to ultra rare disease specialists, we have a wealth of experience to apply to any challenges faced by healthcare innovators.

As Lydia Crowe (Commercial Director, Mtech Access) outlines, our clients ultimately share the same goal:

"We quickly concluded that we shouldn’t differentiate between the companies we work with based on the technologies they deliver – they are all striving to get their innovations to the patients who will benefit from them, and the journey from R&D through to development, approval, and commercialisation is broadly the same (although the challenges and opportunities may vary).

"What became clear is that a value-based partnership with a consultancy that has deep expertise in accelerating time to market is the number one priority. Better still, the benefits of collaborating with us for that journey also apply equally to all profiles of clients: great outcomes, delivered by brilliant people who are a delight to work with!" – Lydia Crowe, Commercial Director

Sharing our expertise with the Medtech sector

Going forward, our Working Group will continue to explore how we can best share our expertise with Medtech companies across the globe.

In the meantime, here are some resources that we have already published, in which we share our expertise in the Medtech sector and offer specialist insights:

If you are interested in tapping in to our team’s expertise, drop us an email via to arrange a discovery meeting.

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