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Multi-Market Customer Communication Tools

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Adapting Value Proposition and Budget Impact Model toolkits for different markets and languages

Did you know that we can adapt any digital payer communication tools we’ve developed to meet the needs of multiple markets?

We can work with local affiliates to adapt iPad and other digital communication tools to reflect the specific nuances of that market, the requirements of the healthcare system and the interests of healthcare decision-makers.

This may involve changing the language, data and references, as well as small adjustments to content screens. We can also make more fundamental adaptations if required, such as adding comparators.

As an example, in the gallery below we have translated an opening screen from our Payer Communication Toolkit demo on Managing Diabetic Foot Ulcers from the original English into multiple languages, including:

  • Welsh
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Turkish

Why adapt a core single market tool for other markets?

There are many reasons why it can make sense to adapt a pilot tool, developed for use in the UK example, for use in other markets.

Adapting and translating an existing tool is usually far more cost effective than developing a new tool for each market. Plus, it allows local affiliates to implement learnings from other markets.

We have had several cases where a client has seen great success with a tool in the UK and this had led to requests from other local affiliates or even global teams for adaptations for other markets. These clients are looking to emulate the success of their colleagues with a version of the tool that will meet the needs of local decision-makers.

Why develop a Welsh language tool?

It is common practice for Pharma and Medtech companies to invest in tools for different markets across Europe, so it should be no surprise to our readers to see a range of European languages included in our example. You may, however, be wondering why we have included a version in Welsh.

Would an English version not suffice for the Welsh market?

Most Pharma and Medtech companies do use their UK communication tools across the devolved nations. However, there are marked differences between the structure and approach of the NHS in Wales and England, which require adaptations to ensure a tool is as relevant as possible for the Welsh market.

Our research also suggests that Welsh decision-makers really value the extra effort of a Welsh language or bilingual version. So, if you are adapting the tool for the Welsh market, why not stand out from the crowd by providing an option for the tool to be in either Welsh or English?

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