Launching healthcare products in Italy

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Key facts about the Italian health market:

Funding in the Italian healthcare system

Italy’s National Health Service (NHS) automatically covers all citizens. It is funded by corporate and value added tax revenues collected by the central government. These are distributed to the regional governments, which are responsible for delivering care.

The central government defines a national statutory benefits package offered to all residents in every region. Regions can offer services not included in the national statutory benefits but must finance those services themselves.

Health technology assessment in the Italy

Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco (AIFA) is the national public body that regulates medicines for human use in Italy. Prescription drugs are divided into three tiers according to clinical effectiveness and, in part, cost effectiveness:

  • Tier 1 (Class A) includes life-saving drugs and treatments for chronic conditions and is covered in all cases
  • Tier 2 (Class C) includes drugs for all other conditions and is not covered by Italy’s NHS
  • Tier 3 (Class H) comprises drugs that can be delivered only in a hospital setting

New medical devices are reimbursed following the advice of clinicians; hospitals and regions may then decide to reimburse based on their assessment and expert advice.

Italian payers’ primary focus:

The Italian market is clinically focused.

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