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NHS Insights – Lessons from 2021 – As featured in Pf Magazine

David Thorne (Director, Mtech Access) featured in Pf Magazine's lead article sharing lessons learned in 2021

David Thorne (Director, Mtech Access and Business Development Director, Well Up North PCN) is featured in the Winter issue of Pf Magazine where he shares his views on the lessons learned from 2021, alongside other leading Pharma professionals and healthcare experts.

David reflects:

“2021 needs to be a siren call to Pharma action. There can be no room for complacency, assumptions or analysis based upon Pharma cultural bias. The new integrated care era provides opportunity for Pharma, but only if we are honest about our level of fitness for that challenge. A formal Department of Health and Social Care document using ‘overprescribing’ in its sub-title highlights that medicines do not have assumed value. Paradigms around budgets and decision-making are completely changing at a strategic and tactical level. Reduced field access means companies are cut off from familiarity, with practical implications of cursor-led prescribing.

“We have the first ever NHS reorganisation that is predicated on difference and the emergence of complex sub-systems where the NHS is increasingly a local archipelago. That all calls for a very different approach from Pharma and you can’t understand any of this by only looking in from the outside – you have to examine the NHS from the inside out.”

Check out his reflections, along with other contributions from industry, healthcare and patients, here:

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