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Interviewing payers for global market research – with Katriona Withers

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Interviewing payers for global market research With Katriona Withers

Katriona Withers recently joined Mtech Access as a Senior Analyst working on global market access projects. In this interview, she tells us about her experiences and activities in her first few weeks with us. This has included interviewing payers to support our clients’ research into different healthcare markets.

What led you to pursue a career in market access?

At university, I achieved a Masters of Pharmacology, which involved a year-long immuno-oncology laboratory placement. Although I enjoyed specialised laboratory work, I realised that I preferred working across a range of treatment areas.

Upon learning about market access, it immediately appealed to me as it gave me the opportunity to work across multiple workstreams, whilst gaining experience in a range of different disease and therapeutic areas.

Working in this field has allowed me to apply the scientific knowledge and critical thinking that I gained in my Master’s, whilst also developing increased commercial awareness.


What motivated you to join Mtech Access?

Whilst working in the market access field, I identified strategic market access and payer research projects, such as advisory boards and value message testing, as a topic that I really enjoyed. Mtech Access offered me the opportunity to refine my research skills and gain exposure to multiple different markets.

Since I joined the team, I have conducted work in the EU4 + UK and in markets such as Poland, Canada, and Australia.

Additionally, Mtech Access offered me the opportunity to take on a more senior role, which included more responsibilities. The collaborative team approach that Mtech Access advocates allows me to learn directly from more senior members of staff, providing me with numerous opportunities to gain valuable insights.


What have you got involved with in your first few weeks since joining Mtech Access?

In my first few weeks at Mtech Access, I’ve already taken part in a thorough induction process and attended several training sessions, meeting team members and learning about the different services that Mtech Access offers.

I have begun work on multiple payer interview projects across a range of treatment areas, including fertility and anti-infectives. This has involved speaking to reimbursement decision-makers, healthcare professionals and those with budgetary responsibility to gain their perspectives on current treatments and identify unmet needs within these disease areas.

As part of these projects, I have created payer materials, conducted transcript analyses, and begun report development. The final reports will provide our clients with a wealth of insights to support their market access strategy and aid the creation of relevant and impactful value messaging.

Looking forward, I am excited to work on more strategic market access projects and gain further experience across markets.


What have you learnt from your first interactions with the Mtech Access team?

The team at Mtech Access is extremely approachable, regardless of department and level of experience. The company culture facilitates cross-functional working, allowing me to ask for advice and support from those with different specialities, such as our NHS experts or our health economists. This approach has allowed me to gain specialised insights, informing my work in the global team.

Additionally, returning to the office part time has allowed me to meet colleagues face-to-face; a welcome change after over a year of Teams meetings! I have particularly enjoyed working out of the new office space in our Manchester hub.


When you are not at work, what do you like to do?

In my spare time I enjoy going out to the many different restaurants that Manchester has to offer. When not out for dinner, I enjoy being active (got to burn those calories somehow!) and take part in sports, such as sailing and hiking. This winter I am hoping to learn how to ski without injuring myself!

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