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The new integrated NHS – Free summary of current proposals for reconfiguration of the NHS in England

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On 16th July 2021, the ‘Integrated Care Systems: Design framework’ was published. This document offered more clarity on the future of the NHS in England, the evolution of its structure and how Integrated Care Systems (ICS) will work.

Our NHS experts have interrogated this document and prepared this brief summary of the current position regarding the proposals to reconfigure the NHS in England.

Enter your details to request your copy of this summary, which outlines the factual details of the framework content, including:

  • The ICS NHS body structure and membership
  • The ICS NHS body role and powers
  • The ICS Partnership
  • Place-Based Partnerships
  • The role of providers
  • Finance and budgets

We are proud to once again be at the forefront of understanding and explaining such significant changes and to be able to offer our commentary and share our insights. Our summary is accurate at the time of writing (17th June 2021) and informed by our associate network.

Please note, access to this summary is at the discretion of the Mtech Access team. This is an exclusive offer for market access professionals and other NHS-facing teams working in Pharmaceutical and Medtech companies.

The new integrated NHS: Current proposals for reconfiguration of the NHS in England – Factual summary

Complete the form to request your copy:

    The design framework sits alongside the Government’s draft Health and Care White Paper published on 11th February, and provides additional detail on the proposed changes. There is clarity on the direction of the framework, as well as many aspects of its details, but also significant areas of continued uncertainty, interpretation and reliance upon parallel legislation.

    The framework describes the structure, governance and relationships of the new ICSs, as well as their constituent bodies. In a number of ways, it leaves key questions unanswered, or vulnerable to misinterpretation. This is especially the case for medicines and medical devices, as neither of these industries are addressed directly in the entirety of the 52-page publication.

    However, it is clear that the framework reinforces the White Paper’s description of a major proposed reorganisation of the NHS in England that will impact every fundamental aspect of market access activity: structure, roles, financial systems, procurement and decisions of value.

    We have provided a factual summary of the key changes but, if you are interested in delving deeper, or are looking to understand what these changes mean for your market access strategy and engagement with the NHS, please email to discuss your requirements with our team.

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