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5 updates to Veeva CRM that may impact your payer engagement in 2022

By 08/12/2021 No Comments
5 updates to Veeva CRM that may impact your payer engagement in 2022. Our key takeways from Veeva's EMEA Content Partner Workshop Online

What changes and innovations can we expect to see on the Veeva CRM in 2022, and what will they mean for market access and brand teams? Last week our digital team attended Veeva’s EMEA Content Partner Workshop Online. Here, Rob Pitt (Developer) shares five key takeaways from the summit.

With a strong focus on wider-ranging platform support and an abundance of new features across all of Veeva’s products, the 2021 Content Partner Workshop was a thoroughly insightful look into the new features on the roadmap that will soon be improving workflows, allowing for greater possibilities for many of us here at Mtech Access. Many thanks to Veeva for inviting us!

Five key Takeaways from Veeva’s 2021 EMEA Content Partner Workshop:

  1. Veeva Vault PromoMats modular content is set to improve the speed and efficiency of materials approval, and a user interface (UI) overhaul should help improve overall workflow in Vault
  2. Veeva CRM Browser offers an easy-to-use interface that should enable all of Veeva’s different users to manage their workflows, whilst Veeva CRM Desktop offers multi-presentation and custom presentation options
  3. Approved Email functionality in Veeva CRM for iPad has been enhanced, with a dedicated tab for email information, new drafting capability, and expanded token use within fragments
  4. Veeva certification process is overhauled to be a more user-friendly and informative process throughout
  5. Veeva Engage Share and new mobile app will improve data-sharing and analytics whilst allowing Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) to contact Pharma companies more easily

Veeva Vault PromoMats

Good news for all of our clients who spend a lot of time in Vault PromoMats – Veeva’s vision for the next 4 years is to accelerate the content lifecycle by a massive 75%. The direction for this level of innovation falls into three main categories: speed, scale, and intelligence. More involved content briefing and planning capability to increase efficiency, enhanced integration between PromoMats and CRM MyInsights, and a focused push towards content re-use and expanded analytics are just some of the key features involved in this initiative.

With the reworked Vault PromoMats UI and other quality of life improvements, such as larger-size asset uploads and an expanded search feature, day-to-day use of Vault PromoMats is set to become easier and more productive for all users, from content creators to reviewers and everyone in-between.

Speaking of content creators and reviewers, both sides will be pleased to hear about Veeva’s push towards modular content and the impacts to their workflows. By creating a library of pre-approved channel-agnostic content modules, digital content can be created faster and at a reduced cost. Reviewers can then quickly identify which assets require review, allowing a much more efficient approval process.

The Mtech Access team will certainly be making good use of these improvements to boost our Vault PromoMats efficiency, as well as making sure we’re in a position to assist our clients with making the most of the new features too.

Veeva CRM Desktop / Veeva CRM Browser

Moving into 2022, Veeva will be progressing from the perceived model of “Veeva CRM for iPads” with new mobile apps for Android and iPhone, Veeva CRM Browser, and Veeva CRM Desktop for Windows and macOS.

The new Veeva CRM Desktop is the latest desktop app that will serve as a companion to Lightning, featuring Engage, Zoom, and Teams integrations, as well as automatic tracking of all media activity. Other features include the ability to open multiple presentations at once for ease of switching during a conversation, and the functionality to quickly create a custom presentation flow from available slides as needed to ensure only the most relevant information from different areas is portrayed to the viewers.

Here at Mtech Access we look forward to the potential for supporting Windows apps in the future, with more of the functionality currently available on the iPad.

The Veeva CRM Browser experience will showcase the benefits of the ongoing switch from Salesforce’s ‘classic’ UI to the full Lightning interface. These advantages include a new UI with more flexible navigation, easier access to an expanded range of Veeva and Salesforce capabilities, customisable Lightning Business apps for key personas, and a greatly enhanced range of analytics and insights to highlight actionable data.

The Mtech Access digital team will soon be taking advantage of the improved user experience offered by the Salesforce Lightning interface, to enhance the efficiency of our common admin tasks and content management thanks to the highly customisable nature of the platform.

Approved Email functionality

Our clients with significant investment in Veeva Approved Emails will be pleased to know that Veeva CRM will soon be enhanced to provide more information and functionality for Approved Emails. A dedicated tab in the CRM interface will provide easy access to all available emails, with data on sends, scheduled emails, and drafts.

Approved Emails will soon be able to be drafted in advance of meetings, or simply composed at a convenient time for sending later. Additionally, more dynamic tokens will be available for use in Approved Email fragments, allowing for greater customisability and personalised content that’s also re-usable.

As most of the tools we create at Mtech Access feature Approved Email functionality for the sending of dynamic reports, we’re very interested to explore how we can make use of the new tokens to create richer modular email content, as well as make use of the improved integration in Veeva CLM to make email creation and testing quicker and easier.

Veeva Certification process

As the Mtech Access digital team are all fully Veeva-certified, and we renew our qualifications every year, we are extremely excited to learn that Veeva will be overhauling their certification process to be improved and more user-friendly.

Veeva have really listened to feedback from their partners and have made significant changes to the certification experience, in order to be more informative and easier to follow, whilst also ensuring that the examination process is still thorough and comprehensive. Section exams will be more focused and relevant to the course materials, and enhanced interface functionality and other features will ensure the whole process is more streamlined for those undertaking the courses.

As a result, content creators like us can feel confident that they’re learning and demonstrating up-to-date and relevant knowledge, and our clients can feel reassured that they’re working with meaningfully-certified people.

Veeva Engage Share / New mobile app

In their ongoing efforts to support remote communication in today’s digital landscape, Veeva are introducing many new features to Engage meetings, and a new mobile CRM app coming in 2022.

With Engage Share, users will be able to send links through the desired channel to HCPs during Engage meetings. Content can be shared directly from the CRM system during a native Engage meeting, an integrated Zoom or Teams meeting, and coming in 2022, content can be shared through the new mobile app. All interactions will be tracked, and the analytics recorded to the CLM system.

The new features also include the ability to share websites as a new Approved Content type. Websites will be available for presenting or sharing via a link through the CRM system during a meeting, and these engagements will be tracked, as with other linked content, to provide valuable analytics.

Additionally, Integrated Scheduling will allow appointment booking for any engagement channel using a new system with which users can send an availability indication to a HCP, who will then be able to indicate a preferred channel and time slot and relay that information back in order to facilitate meetings more easily.


As the future of Med Comms is increasingly moving to remote digital interactions, we’re pleased to see that Veeva are continuing to make important advancements to increase the efficiency and quality of their digital tools. At Mtech Access, we look forward to making the most of the new functionality soon to be at our disposal, as well as supporting our clients with all of their Veeva platform needs as we move into 2022.

If you’d like to learn more about our expertise with the Veeva CRM or have any questions about the updates outlined above please email