Congratulations to the winners of our 2022 Values Awards

Congratulations to the winners of our 2022 Values Awards cover

At Mtech Access, we believe in rewarding excellence in all its forms. It can be easy to focus on end results and forget what it takes to get there. Our internal Values Awards aim to recognise team members who reflect the ‘Mtech spirit’ in their day-to-day work. Team members were asked to nominate colleagues who embody our core values.

Congratulations to the winners:


We maintain and expect high standards in our work and our behaviours.

The winner of our Exemplary award is Harriet Lacey (Senior Editor).

“Harriet literally practices exemplary in her role. The value she bring is in making everything we do the best it can be, and helping to shine a light on how each of us can improve the quality of our outputs.”


We partner with clients and each other and value all contributions and perspectives.

The winner of our Collaborative award is Ryan Booth (Senior Graphic Designer).

“Ryan is brilliant at working with the team to figure out how things can be done, in the timelines… whilst making sure everyone feels supported. Ryan is great at asking for other people’s perspectives and having open discussions around how we can do things differently/better, and improve as a team.”


Our work is expert-led and reflects the needs of the environment and audience.

The winner of our Credible award is Katie Mulholland (Consultant – Market Access).

“Katie is a breath of fresh air to work with, and her project management skills are military precision… She is consistent and extremely smart in her decision-making skills… She keeps clients well-informed and she helps remind them that they've made the right decision to work with Mtech Access at every encounter.”


We encourage growth, celebrate success, treat others with kindness and respect, and care for our community.

The winner of our Nurturing award is Rachel Farquharson (Director – Development Support, Best Practice & Training).

“Endlessly helpful to all staff who need advice or mentoring… Delivers training in an impartial way that is positive and reassuring… She is respectful of all staff and ensures fairness at every turn… Her magical touch has ensured the best of support and rocketed the development of staff.”


We are proactive and responsive, and apply innovation and creativity to everything we do.

The winner of our Agile award is Richard White (Senior Developer).

“Rich is a great problem-solver and adjusts the approaches he takes to the needs of his Mtech Access colleagues and their clients. I have experienced this on several projects when Rich has adapted the way we develop a tool to the specific end-user requirements, and he is always solutions-focused.”


We act with impartiality, fairness, consistency and integrity.

The winner of our Ethical award is Janine Ross (Consultant Information Scientist).

“Pioneering new processes in systematic review, Janine is a delight to work with whilst understanding the importance of upholding standards and practices so that we maintain our integrity within the evidence synthesis service area.”

Congratulations to the winners!

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