Deep Insights – The insider perspective on the ever-changing NHS

Want to maximise your impact with the NHS? We will help you understand the realities on the ground

The NHS environment is rapidly evolving, so it is crucial to have access to up-to-date insights to inform your strategic plans and communications with healthcare customers.

What do national policies and initiatives mean to those on the ground in the NHS? How do ongoing structural changes and associated uncertainties impact your customers day-to-day? Do you know whom you should be talking to, when, and what their priorities, powers, and challenges are?

Our first two Deep Insights reports offer unique perspectives on:

  • Top priorities and overall strategy
  • Focus areas and areas of influence
  • On-the-ground impacts and considerations they encounter
  • How they measure success
  • Challenges and needs
  • Structures they work in and their relationships with other NHS leaders
  • Language they use (including all of those different acronyms!)

Each Deep Insights report focuses on a theme aligned to NHS hot topics, with content driven by our network of more than 100 NHS Associates. For each Deep Insights report purchase, you’ll receive a discussion session with an experienced member of our UK Market Access Strategy team, to help you understand how to apply the insights to your organisation.

What Deep Insights do you need?

What are your burning questions? What are you struggling to get to grips with?

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