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Specialising in medical writing – An interview with Abigail Beveridge

Specialising in medical writing – An interview with Abigail Beveridge cover

Abigail Beveridge recently joined Mtech Access as a Medical Writer in our Manchester office. In this interview, we ask about her experiences and activities in her first few weeks with us.

What brought you into a career in Market Access?

Back in March 2020, I was about halfway through my study towards a Masters of Research in Neuroscience. I was set to graduate the following September, which would mark the end of 4 years at Newcastle University. I hadn’t thought much about next steps following graduation, but there had been discussions with my tutors regarding whether I would stay on and complete a PhD in clinical research within the Institute of Neuroscience.

Then, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and changed the trajectory of the next few years for everyone. As I was no longer able to recruit participants, my research project was disrupted, and a PhD in Clinical Research seemed off the cards. I started looking online at research-driven jobs in a medical and healthcare context and came across market access.

I wanted a role that would allow me to continue learning as a PhD would have. However, unlike a PhD, I liked the idea of a role where I could continue learning across a range of different disease areas. A role in market access checked this box, with opportunities to work on projects in a range of disease areas and healthcare products, which also varied by client and deliverable type. I subsequently worked as a market access analyst for just under 2.5 years at a consultancy in my home town.

What motivated you to join Mtech Access?

I was ready for a change and wanted to be located closer to central Manchester. I came across Mtech Access who have an office in Cheadle Hulme, and who I had heard on the grapevine have a great work-life balance and highly value their staff.

Mtech Access also have a specific Medical Writing team who support with market access writing across the business. I liked that the role represented an opportunity to further broaden my understanding of market access, but in a setting where I could hone in on my writing skills.

I was also highly attracted to the fact that Mtech Access have a wealth of experience supporting clients with HTA submissions. This is a key hurdle in the market access journey for clients, which I had never had the opportunity to support with previously.

What have you got involved with in your first few weeks with Mtech Access?

My first few weeks with Mtech Access consisted of mostly induction sessions, training, and meet and greets with the wider team. I was provided with a medical writing training manual and worked on some writing and editing exercises to help familiarise myself with the Mtech Access house writing and editorial style.

Keen to get involved in some client work, I also supported with the development of conference abstracts and reference tagging on a value proposition slide deck using Veeva PromoMats.

I also started working on the development of chapters for a Global Value Dossier on chronic kidney disease and dialysis. This became a key project over the following weeks.

What have you learnt from your first interactions with the Mtech Access team?

Everyone has made a great effort to welcome and support me during my induction. The work environment manages to be both relaxed yet productive. I have been very impressed at how knowledgeable my colleagues are in their respective roles.

In the Manchester office, there is a large health economist and market access presence, which is great as there is always someone on hand to ask questions to if I need help interpreting data for my writing.

We also have weekly medical writing team catch-ups. These enable me to stay connected with my team members located in other offices. Though we are looking to organise a time for me to visit some of the team down south.

The Manchester office organised a team lunch for my first day and after-work drinks a couple of weeks in. We are also planning to visit the Total Ninja obstacle course as a team social. So there’s plenty going on outside of day-to-day work.

What areas of interest would you like to explore further at Mtech Access?

I’d love to get involved with some projects where I could utilise my knowledge in psychology and neuroscience. Particularly Parkinson’s, Dementia, as well as mental health conditions (anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia).

I would also be interested to learn more about oncology, as this is not an area I have been exposed to in academic study or prior work experience.

If you could swap your expertise and role with a colleague from another team, who would you swap with?

I would pick one of the health economists. Although developing economic models is not something I am involved with in my role, interpreting the outputs of these models for my writing is. Therefore, insight on the underpinnings of budget impact and cost-effectiveness models would be a great help.

When you are not at work, what do you like to do?

When I am not working, I am usually at some sort of yoga or gym class. I live in central Manchester so I also spend a lot of time trying new restaurants with my friends. We are also all members of a running club so run together once or twice a week. I like to keep busy so I’m mostly up for trying new things!

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