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Press Release – NHS and industry discuss changes to the NHS environment at upcoming seminar

Direct from NHS and industry speakers,  pharma market access professionals will gain inside insight into the changing NHS environment and what this means for market access, at our upcoming seminar.

The seminar will feature key addresses from speakers who work in and with the NHS and who understand the changing healthcare landscape. Our speakers will provide valued and actionable insights into how these changes will impact pharma market access relationships with decision makers in both primary and secondary care.

The seminar will be held on 25th September at the Royal College of Physicians.

What will attendees explore?

With Payment by Results use declining and commissioning bodies becoming more complex, a new, reformed NHS is emerging with new reimbursement challenges.

At this seminar, attendees will delve into the detail of what concerns them as pharma professionals when planning market access activities, in light of the current and future structural and functional changes to the NHS.

The seminar will include the following sessions:

“If you’re in pharma market access, this seminar is for you. With Mike, Emma, James and David all sharing their perspectives, we have the chance to explore the different challenges affecting different areas of the NHS and what this means for market access. I firmly believe the seminar will offer pharma market access professionals unique insights that they can take away and action to drive positive change.” – David Niziol, MD, Mtech Access.

David Thorne, newly appointed Director of NHS Insights and Interaction at Mtech Access, will open the seminar by sharing his perspectives on the opportunities and challenges arising from recent changes in the NHS and what this means for market access professionals as they look to engage with and support NHS customers.

David will draw on his extensive experience leading transformations in the NHS, both from his current roles as Chair of Washington Community Health Care and Non-Executive Director at City and Vale GP Alliance (York), as well as from his past experience as Chief Executive of Newcastle West CCG.

I’m really looking forward to contributing to this seminar, alongside Mike, Emma and James. This is a great opportunity to explore and answer some of the questions that are perplexing all of us regarding NHS change, and how these will impact pharma market access.”David Thorne, Director of NHS Insights & Interaction, Mtech Access.

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Introducing David Thorne

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Scroll down to find out more about our panellists and the topics they will explore in their sessions.

Be Careful What You Wish For – Opportunity and Challenge from the New NHS

from David Thorne, Chair, Washington Community Health Care; Non-Executive Director, City and Vale GP Alliance (York) and Director of NHS Insights and Interaction, Mtech Access.

David Thorne will open the seminar by sharing his perspectives on the changing picture for market access and for pharma’s relationship with the NHS.

David sees multiple new opportunities for companies to successfully engage with the NHS, particularly in light of the current workforce crisis affecting the NHS which is expected to worsen.

However, seizing these new opportunities requires some new thinking and much closer engagement with the NHS, particularly with its leadership teams.

As an industry, pharma rightly welcomes such opportunities. Yet the adage ‘be careful what you wish for’ will apply if we don’t transform alongside the NHS.

David will explore how, if we fail to adapt quickly, we risk seeing pharma shut out and its medicines relegated to the periphery of NHS priorities. A crucial step is to ensure that medicines per se are understood and valued by the NHS.

David has worked within several NHS organisations where he has stood in your customers’ shoes for a range of engagements – from individual face-to-face calls, to formal procurement responses. Drawing on these experiences, along with his extensive work supporting brand teams, training field-based staff, and developing value-added programmes, David will suggest where and how you can adapt to meet the challenges and realise the opportunities within the new NHS environment.


from Mike Proctor, Chief Executive of York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Mike will give his candid view of the difficult position facing NHS secondary care and what he believes are the necessary steps required to respond to this challenge. He envisages that major changes are required to address the financial, workforce, and system forces that present unprecedented challenges for secondary care in the NHS.

Mike will provide insights into the strategic and operational secondary care world through case studies and other illustrations that demystify the daily pressures of NHS KPIs, contracts, and external relationships that are experienced by local authorities and CCGs. He will include opportunities that he sees for commercial companies to support the sustainability of safe and effective NHS care.

York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is a complex organisation comprising two main hospital sites some 45 miles apart, a web of community hospitals, and a very large rural hinterland. It is a “vertically-integrated” organisation providing community and hospital services to patients. As Chief Executive, Mike is responsible for the overall management of the Trust and its performance regarding service provision and financial and corporate viability, as well as ensuring that the Trust meets all statutory and service obligations. Mike is also responsible for modernising local services and working closely with other partner organisations to deliver whole systems reform.

In his presentation, Mike will draw examples and insight from his 40+ years of NHS experience, where he has held positions both on the frontline as a nurse and through an extensive career of senior leadership roles.

The Role of Primary Care Networks & their impact on Pharma

from Emma Clayton, Senior Executive Director, Grey Bear Consultancy

A specialist in integrated care systems and NHS transformation, Emma Clayton will explore the role of Primary Care Networks (PCN) and their impact on pharma. Emma will ask…

If integrated care relies on empowering the PCN people, how can pharma best support this?

There’s a quiet revolution going on in the NHS. The infamously siloed organisation is working to overcome its many challenges via integration and transformation.

The transformed NHS has the potential to revolutionise health and social care by creating locally relevant services through true, joined-up thinking.

Yet, success relies on ensuring everyone – from those taking on new community-based roles to the people recruiting and leading them – has the skills they need to do their job and to support others to do theirs.

In her session, Emma will take the audience through PCN development, roles, and structure, and question how pharma can play its part in supporting the quiet revolution.

During her 22-year career working in pharma and life sciences marketing and market access, Emma has launched multiple brands and market development programmes within immunology, diabetes, mental health, women’s health, rare diseases, and haematology indications. Emma founded the UK Diabetes Network with many leaders from within PCNs and STPs. She is passionate about NHS workforce issues and opportunities.


from James Roach, Director, West Essex Integrated Care Partnership and Managing Director of Conclusio Limited

James Roach approaches this session from two viewpoints – that of the NHS and of industryAn experienced NHS Director, over the last 10 years James has successfully navigated a number of structural and strategic changes as a leader of CCGs and as a joint Director working across Health and Social care.  One of James’ roles is as the Programme Director of the West Essex Integrated Care Partnership, where he is spearheading a number of the key policy priorities listed in the NHS Long Term Plan. 

James is also the founder and Managing Director of Conclusio Limitedwhere he has looked to develop a comprehensive “one stop shop” consultancy that is more reflective of the entire health and care supply chain.  

James firmly believes that the NHS needs a more mature, dynamic, and honest relationship with the pharma industry to address some of the real challenges it is facing.  

Given that circa £17.4 billion per annum is spent on medicines, the NHS and industry need a clearer common endeavour.  James believes that common endeavour should be sustainability; that NHS and industry should come together tofind ways to increase the sustainability of core services and use innovative medicines to generate savings for reinvesting in front line care. This will enable pharma to sustain and grow its commercial and business offering. 

As someone who has ”a seat on both sides of the table”, this session will see James share his insights on how you can develop a new type of market access offer that aligns with a changing NHS and is embedded within the challenges that the NHS is facing. 

His session will focus on: 

  • Developing new strategic relationships with Integrated Care Systems 
  • How to capitalise on the deprescribing and therapy optimisation agenda
  • Leading with evidence and impact 
  • How to make your offer relevant 
  • How to strengthen and reinforce the healthcare professional and patient dialogue 
  • Moving from a single value proposition to a more comprehensive pathway and population health approach  
  • How to develop your teams so that they are able to engage with impact  

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