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NHS Insights Free Policy Brief: NHS Financial Allocations to Integrated Care Boards

On 13th April NHS England published the initial 2022/23 budgets of the 42 Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) expected to go live from 1st July 2022, subject to legislative approval. The published tables break down the overall funding by core, primary care medical, running cost and other sources. Unusually, they also show the impact of the weighted capitation formula and therefore the variant funding per capita of each ICB.

This is of fundamental importance as it sets the ground rules for each ICB’s funding. All policy points to increased local variation as the integrated care changes are predicated on difference; local priorities, ways of working and the primary KPI of delivering a financial balance at ICB level. How may those pan out when there is up to a 37% difference in ICB funding per patient?

This is a highly significant publication that needs to be considered in national and local strategies but especially in mapping of the new systems and segmentation exercises.

Our NHS Insights and Interaction team has produced a 1-page policy brief for our Pharmaceutical and Medtech clients, summarising the key points and takeaways for those developing market access strategies and engaging with the NHS in England.

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The policy brief is accurate at the time of writing (19th April 2022) and informed by our associate network.

Please note, access to this policy brief is at the discretion of the Mtech Access team. This is an exclusive offer for market access professionals and other NHS-facing teams working in Pharmaceutical and Medtech companies.

Policy Brief: NHS Financial Allocations to Integrated Care Boards

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