Interactive Demo: Implementing NICE guidance, in a nice way!

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digital budget impact models

We recently set ourselves a challenge to transform NICE guidance NG19, the associated costing template and report into a user-friendly iPad budget impact model for payer/commissioner engagement in the field. The focus of the model is to clearly communicate the clinical and economic impact of orthotic footwear on the incidence of foot ulcers and subsequent amputation rates in patients with diabetes in the UK.

We would welcome you to have a play with the demo. To do this simply click the button below; enter your name and email and you will be given instant access.

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Typical elements of an iPad budget impact model/toolkit include the following:

  • Value presentation
    • Burden of illness
    • Current management
    • Unmet need (where is current management sub-optimal)
    • Benefits of the proposed intervention and clinical evidence
  • Model (The economic and clinical impact of adoption for a given population and stakeholder)
    • PDF summary report including top line value messages and model results
  • Access to supplementary marketing materials and product information
  • Country localization (language, currency, data and references)
  • Usage analytics