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A Graduate’s Road to Market Access

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A Graduate's road to market access - an interview with Nik Marksteiner, Associate Analyst - NHS Insight & Interaction

After finally attending his pandemic-delayed graduation ceremony, Nik Marksteiner reflects on his progress as an Associate Analyst in our NHS Insight and Interaction team, as well as his experiences since joining Mtech Access last autumn.

Congratulations on officially graduating – What did you study and how did it lead to your current career path?

I studied Economics at the University of York, during which, I was exposed to a wide variety of modules. These ranged from the more mathematical and statistic-based subjects to topics like health economics. The health economics module I took predominantly examined theories and empirical work in the study of health insurance markets and the economics of the pharmaceutical industry. Little did I know at the time how useful this knowledge would be when beginning my career in market access.

After finishing my studies in July 2021, I spent 3 months working at an NHS medical practice in the risk and compliance department. This gave me a hands-on insight into an NHS primary care environment and equipped me with an understanding of the NHS environment and its structures, which I have used in my role in the NHS Insight and Interaction (NHS I&I) team.

I discovered the opportunity to join Mtech Access on Handshake York, an early careers network from the University of York career service, that links graduating students to local businesses. Beginning my career in an industry I knew little about was a steep learning curve, but I relished the challenge and continue to look forward to growing and progressing in my role.

How were your first few weeks with Mtech Access? Did you settle in easily?

My first few weeks were exciting, and my immediate impression was that Mtech Access embodied a welcoming and collaborative environment.

The induction process was extremely thorough, with sessions led by each service lead for me and other recent new starters. This was particularly useful for me as I was getting to grips with both a new company and a relatively unfamiliar industry at the time.

What types of projects have you worked on since joining Mtech Access?

As an Associate Analyst in the NHS I&I team, I work on a range of projects designed to support our clients with their UK market access strategy, including supporting colleagues with the development of market access materials, bespoke education sessions on the NHS, and providing strategic insight into the changing NHS environment.

Most recently I have been involved in stakeholder and health service mapping projects as well as some Health Economic model scoping.

I have enjoyed engaging with our Associate network, gathering insights on projects involving weighted capitation, future Integrated Care System (ICS) budgets and Clinical Commission Groups’ (CCGs) budgetary positions, and how this might impact the procurement of various products.

Alongside that I have helped develop regular policy briefs and summaries on emerging NHS policy and have been involved in the development of new proposals.

What does a typical week in your role involve?

I work in a hybrid pattern, so a typical week would consist of 3–4 days in our York office at the York Science Park and 1–2 days working from home.

During the week, 4 days will typically be dedicated to project work or helping my colleagues with proposal development. The remaining day will be dedicated to policy work; researching and discussing emerging policy developments alongside our Principal Associate, David Thorne and analysing what this means for our Pharma and Medtech clients.

What has surprised you most about Mtech Access?

The culture and collaborative atmosphere at Mtech Access has surpassed my expectations. The company has a fantastic culture and promotes a healthy work-life balance.

In addition, I have been surprised at the wide range of projects I have been involved in in my first 9 months, working cross-functionally with other teams and working alongside our Associates on projects around NHS Finance and weighted capitation.

When you are not at work, what do you like to do?

Outside of work I love playing tennis and more recently I have been challenging myself and being more creative with cooking, finding new recipes and types of cuisine.

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