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Explore the opportunities with our Global Market Access team

We understand that the path to successful global market access and uptake is complex and multi-faceted.

Defining robust pricing and market access strategies, and developing meaningful value strategies, are essential to achieving successful market access on the global stage.

Our Global Market Access team supports our clients with the formation and delivery of global market access strategy. Headed up by Adam Brown, the team typically undertake primary and secondary research, along with data analytics, to deliver a wide range of services.

We can work with you to develop pricing, market access and evidence generation strategies. We can help you ensure the full value of your product is being realized through impactful value propositions.

With a broad network of stakeholders ranging from payers to leading clinical experts, policy makers and other decision-making stakeholders, we ensure our engagements are underpinned by relevant and impactful insights from the right people.

Adam Brown, Director of Global Market Access, has over 12 years’ experience in leading and delivering global pricing, market access and payer strategy engagements across many therapy areas and geographies, in both pharmaceuticals and medical technologies.

“I am thrilled to offer my global market access services through Mtech Access. The company is an excellent fit for my desire to offer pragmatic, appropriate and flexible support according to our customers’ goals, size and stage, while retaining the robustness of methodology needed for meaningful support and outcomes. To do that within a team of allied service providers at Mtech Access, with a joint ethos of integrity, excellence and enthusiasm, is a win-win for all concerned.” Adam Brown, Director of Global Market Access

Adam and his team have a wealth of experience in supporting companies in developing a comprehensive understanding of the markets they are launching into, the potential access opportunities and hurdles that exist, and how to mitigate for any potential risks or maximise opportunities.

Services Offered:

  • Landscape and situation analysis, including competitor profiling and stakeholder mapping
  • TPP and value proposition development and validation with stakeholders
  • Market access and pricing strategy
  • Value demonstration strategy
  • Qualitative and quantitative pricing research
  • Advisory boards, workshops, focus groups and 1:1 interviews with a range of stakeholder types

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