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Bringing together diverse expertise to support broader market access objectives

Bringing together diverse expertise to support broader market access objectives cover

Supporting wide-ranging client projects as part of a full-service market access consultancy

Michelle James recently joined Mtech Access as an Associate Consultant in Market Access in our Cambridge office. In this interview, she tells us about her experiences and activities in her first few weeks with us, including working on projects in areas ranging from dermatology to digital healthtech to women’s health. Michelle explains how she has been working with experts from across Mtech Access to bring together different specialities for client projects.

What led you to pursue a career in market access?

After completing my PhD in Clinical and Translational Research, I decided that I wanted to apply my scientific curiosity and research skills to the commercial side of the life sciences and healthcare industry. This led me to my first few roles in the Pharmaceutical Consultancy industry, which gave me the broad exposure to different functions and stakeholders within Pharma. These ranged from commercial and business intelligence to medical affairs.

This exposure ultimately led me to a developed interest in Market Access and HEOR, resulting in my move to join a boutique Global Market Access consultancy in London where I was able to further my knowledge of the area.

For me, it is the combination of working with clients to overcome barriers to access and the slightly academic intricacies of bringing a product to market, as well as seeing the value new innovations can bring to healthcare, that makes Market Access so interesting. Watching a product that you’ve worked on be used in the real world makes rewarding work!

What motivated you to join Mtech Access?

My experience prior to joining Mtech Access was specialising in working with Global clients to develop market access and pricing strategies, as well as develop some of their products’ value narratives. However, market access is such a big discipline!

I therefore wanted the opportunity to broaden my knowledge of the different functions that lie within market access and Mtech Access met that need.

Mtech Access is a full service consultancy with an abundance of UK and Global experience. The ability to continue to work on Global market access projects, whilst engaging with other areas such as HTA and value communications was certainly a very appealing proposition.

What have you been doing in your first few weeks with Mtech Access?

The onboarding process at Mtech Access has been second to none in my experience. It has been an opportunity to get to know my peers through a mix of formal introductions to the different functions within the business, from the Medical Writing and Editing teams to the Health Economics, Systematic Review and Customer Communication teams, whilst simultaneously engaging with ‘on the job’ learning via client projects and proposals.

The mix of projects at Mtech Access has been great so far; in such a short number of weeks, I’ve been able to ‘hit the ground running’ with a range of activities. These include:

  • Working on a primary research project looking at the value and price potential for a product in an autoimmune dermatological condition
  • Identifying potential evidence development, coverage and reimbursement schemes available for digital health technologies
  • As well as working on a proposal in women’s health, which required input and expertise from across Mtech Access’ different areas of specialities

The latter was also very useful in getting to know how the different teams worked together, in physical practice, to support delivery of client deliverables.

Outside of work, the quarterly Cambridge office social during Week 2 provided an opportunity to get to know my colleagues better (as well as the true competitive nature of some them!) through mini golf. There were a few moments of strong refereeing required, but the competitive tension was certainly resolved with a visit to a recommended restaurant afterwards.

What has most surprised you?

My experience of Mtech Access goes back to 2019, when I attended an NHS Insights event hosted by the company in London. It was there that I learned first-hand about the extensive experience Mtech Access has in the market access field as a full service consultancy. Therefore, it wasn’t a surprise to learn of the development opportunities as well as the chances to collaborate and support other team members from other specialisms. This certainly helps contribute to the good team culture and work/life balance that is apparent here at Mtech Access.

I would probably say, the greatest thing I was surprised at over my first few weeks was how competitive some of my colleagues are at mini golf!

Cambridge office social - mini golf

What are you most looking forward to?

I am definitely looking forward to what seems like endless possibilities and opportunities at Mtech Access, given the range of services we offer.

I look forward to furthering my career here as a Market Access Consultant, whilst broadening my knowledge in different areas – perhaps a HTA submission or a project with a health economic modelling component may be something on the horizon?

When you are not at work, what do you like to do?

When I am not at work, you can find me on the golf course most Saturdays or perfecting recipes in the kitchen over the weekend.

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