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De-mystifying health economic model classifications and structures

What is health economic evaluation and which modelling approaches can be used to support market access activities?

In this webinar, our expert health economists explain the key strengths and limitations of the most common health economic modelling classifications and structures. Here, Hannah Gillies (Consultant – Health Economics) and Daniel MacDonald (Associate Consultant – Health Economics) de-mystify the different approaches to health economic modelling.

In this webinar, Hannah and Daniel explore the different reasons health economists may recommend a cohort- or patient-level approach for your model. Our specialists then explore six of the most common health economic modelling structures used to support market access activities;

  • Decision trees
  • Markov models
  • Semi-Markov models
  • Partitioned survival models
  • Cox regression models
  • Discrete event simulations

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    Meet our experts

    Between them, our webinar presenters have over 18 years’ experience developing health economic models for HTA, market access, and payer communications. At Mtech Access, and throughout their careers, they have worked on a broad range of disease areas for pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostics products.

    Hannah Gillies

    Consultant – Health Economics

    Daniel MacDonald

    Associate Consultant – Health Economics

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