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From Advisory Boards to Budget Impact Models – Getting stuck in as an Associate Consultant in Market Access

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Charlotte Harding and Katie Mulholland recently joined Mtech Access as Associate Consultants, working with teams across Mtech Access to support a range of multi-disciplinary projects. In this interview Charlotte and Katie share their experiences of joining the Mtech Access team.

What inspired you to pursue a career in market access?


Whilst completing my University dissertation laboratory project during the summer of my second year at University, I soon realised that laboratory work was not for me! However, I wanted to stay within the scientific field and pursue a career that blended my enthusiasm for science, business, and healthcare, which is why a role in market access consultancy appealed to me. Over the course of my career, I have gained experience across several therapy areas working on a variety of market access deliverables, from value communication tools to market research and advisory boards. I especially enjoy working on projects that involve bringing ground-breaking medicines to market, making a real difference to the lives of patients and their families. This is the aspect of market access I love the most.


I realised during my Masters degree that while I loved problem-solving in a scientific setting, I also really enjoyed and valued client-facing roles. This led me to apply for a management consultancy internship. Whilst I loved the variety in the projects, the team environment, and the fast-paced lifestyle, I realised that my real interests laid within the healthcare industry. I happened to see a role in market access and it sounded like it could be a perfect fit; combining the consultancy lifestyle with the aim of helping to ensure that life-changing therapies and devices across all disease areas are accessible for the patients who need them.

Since then, I have been fortunate enough to work with medicines across a huge range of therapy areas, from rare to very well-known diseases. One of my favourite parts of the role is having so many opportunities to work directly with our incredible healthcare services, particularly the NHS, to truly understand how things work on the ground.

Why did you choose Mtech Access for your next career move?


I was attracted to Mtech Access’s extensive experience across the full spectrum of a product’s life cycle, and I was keen to broaden my market access knowledge by working on projects both at a global level and within markets. Since Mtech Access have a wealth of global experience across all their specialisms, it seemed a perfect fit.

I was also really impressed with the company’s close ties with the NHS and how this allows Mtech Access, Pharmaceutical and Medtech companies to work together to actively try to solve the challenges it faces.

As an Associate Consultant, Mtech Access has offered me the flexibility to pursue what I am interested in and, as a result, I will provide support for a variety of project types across all services, working closely with the Directors.


Mtech Access really stood out to me in multiple ways! Firstly, it has such an incredible team of highly experienced and knowledgeable people, many of whom have direct experience of working within healthcare services. I’m still very early in my career, and the opportunity to work on projects alongside Directors as well as the NHS faculty sounded fantastic.

Similar to Charlotte, my career to date has mainly been focussed on the UK healthcare system and working with therapies close to launch. I am fascinated by the various healthcare services globally, and am very keen to work with therapies earlier in their life cycle, so Mtech Access’ global market access capabilities and amazing range of product offerings, spanning from early in the drug life cycle to post-launch, sounded like the perfect opportunity to learn more about these areas.

Finally, Mtech Access have expanded very quickly and have a great reputation for their team culture. This really caught my eye as I knew the company must be doing great things both in terms of the services they deliver and the working environment they create, which I really value.

What have you been doing in your first few weeks with Mtech Access?


In my first few weeks I have worked on a variety of projects, including developing a global value proposition in oncology, as well as recently kicking off a new global value communications project on infertility. This project included a global value dossier, value proposition, objection handler and reimbursement support document.

I have also had the opportunity to attend an NHS insights training session, which explored the new Integrated Care System (ICS) structure and ‘place’-based partnerships, and how these changes may impact the client’s commercial strategy for their portfolio.

I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting colleagues from across the business during my induction; everyone has been so friendly and welcoming!


It’s been a great start, with so many opportunities already! I’ve got right into project work alongside my inductions, which has been a brilliant way to get to know the team and understand how the company works.

I’ve been project manager for two global advisory boards concerning therapies for cardiometabolic conditions. I’ve also been supporting several NHS insights projects, including one collaborating with an Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) and another that involves working directly with Primary Care Networks (PCNs). Finally, I’m also project managing a global payer-facing digital budget impact model for a therapy focussed on a neurological condition.

What has most surprised you about Mtech Access?


I knew the company worked closely with the NHS, but the extent of their relationships has surprised me! Mtech Access have over 70 NHS associates they work with on a regular basis and these insights are used to directly inform project work.

I have also been really impressed with the depth and breadth of experience within the Mtech Access team. The senior team have a wealth of market access knowledge and are specialists in their respective fields, be that health economics, value communication or systematic literature review (to name just a few). They work directly on projects, meaning there is plenty of opportunity to learn from experts! There is a real collaborative approach to project work, and everyone has been so helpful and welcoming; I feel really supported in my new role.


One of the reasons I applied to Mtech Access was because of their reputation for having such a great culture, but this has still been one of the biggest surprises for me! Everyone, irrespective of their role, title or experience, wants to help, encourage, and do a great job together. There is such a collaborative feel to the company and the business has got a really nice balance between introducing clear career paths and keeping hierarchies to a minimum.

I also agree with Charlotte in that I’ve also been impressed by how closely Mtech Access works with the NHS through their faculty, wider network of associates, and also by the really meaningful on-the-ground project work the team does!

When you are not at work, what do you like to do?


When I am not working, I really enjoy going on long walks in the countryside with my toy poodle Reggie and my fiancé. I also love going on holiday, exploring new places and I can’t wait until we’re allowed to go abroad again. This past year, we have been making the most of the staycations and I have thoroughly enjoyed our family trips to Cornwall and Wales; Reggie loves the beach!


I love all things fitness and travel-related! While the travel has been pretty limited recently, I’ve been making the most of running/hiking around the Peak District and having a picnic en route, or enjoying a pub visit after. I also really enjoy baking and being creative with textile art. I’m hoping later this year we can start booking flights away again as my bucket list is getting longer and longer!

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