Working with a dedicated market access and health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) consultancy offers significant added value to Pharma and Medical Device companies and can give you the confidence and peace-of-mind to focus on making a difference for patients.

You may be looking to develop your global market access strategy, gather local healthcare system insights, collate your evidence base, refine your value proposition, overcome key local reimbursement barriers or develop materials for engaging local payers. Or, you may even be looking for a partner who can support you with a broader programme of work spanning the product lifecycle. Either way, by working with an experienced market access agency like Mtech Access, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

1)  Strategic input

As an experienced market access consultancy, Mtech Access can offer you strategic advice throughout your product’s access journey. Having worked on market access and HEOR projects for leading brands as well as niche products across Pharma and Medtech, we understand the technicalities of the healthcare industry. This knowledge base gives our teams the breadth and depth of experience to make recommendations at every stage.

2) Pharma and Medical Device industry knowledge

Our teams of specialists have many years’ experience working on a wide range of HEOR and market access projects for a great variety of medicines, devices and other products. We understand the nuances of the pharmaceutical and medical device markets in a way that less specialist consultancies may not. For example, all our team members understand the codes of compliance that our pharmaceutical clients must work within and the implications for messaging, research, and communications with healthcare professionals.

This market knowledge also means that we understand common hurdles or considerations and can address them before they arise. For example, when developing local customer communication materials, we know what matters to the audience and what kind of messaging and language will resonate with them, as well as what kind of information or data are of less value. This means we can have informed discussions with you and advise what is or isn’t feasible or achievable. We can therefore ensure your end tool is fit for purpose and will deliver with maximum impact.

3)  Therapy area experience

Our teams have a wealth of experience working on a vast range of therapy areas, from oncology and respiratory, to diabetes and rare diseases and beyond. This expertise is spread across the entire business. This enables us to build tailored project teams that combine colleagues with experience in your therapy area with those who can provide a unique perspective from other relevant areas, providing you with innovative yet relevant approaches to guide your market access journey

4) In-house technical specialists

As a full-service agency, we have specialist teams in-house who can support with each market access, HEOR and reimbursement challenge.

As an example, for an HTA submission our project team could include technical writers, health economists, systematic literature review analysts, statisticians and HTA strategists – all colleagues who are used to working closely together to achieve optimal outcomes. Similarly, if your project is the development of an interactive budget impact model tool, we would bring together our in-house developers and designers to work hand-in-hand with our health economists and value communication experts.

With all these experts in house, even if a specialist isn’t required day-to-day on the project, we can easily draw on their expertise at a moment’s notice. This fusion of expertise in HEOR, market access, digital and design expertise is unique to specialist agencies like Mtech Access.

5) Validate and confirm with healthcare professionals

We have access to a broad network of healthcare professionals through our UK NHS insights and global market access teams. This enables us to test your value proposition, strategy, or rationale with a number of end users, offering validation and confidence with the desired audience.

6) One partner for all your needs

As a full-service market access agency, we have the capabilities to support you through each step of the reimbursement and access journey. You won’t need to brief separate agencies for different aspects of your programme of work. Instead, you can work with one project manager who can oversee every aspect of your programme, coordinating and aligning experts as needs arise.

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