Health Economics Video Resource Library

What are the tactical challenges for developing health economic models for orphan medicines and other rare disease treatments?

Calum Jones (Consultant Health Economist) gives an overview of some of the challenges facing health economists when building models for HTA, reimbursement and market access in the rare disease space.

Rare disease market access webinar: Challenges facing orphan medicines entering Europe – Recorded Webinar

Explore the strategic and tactical challenges facing orphan medicines and other innovative rare disease treatments looking to achieve market access in Europe. This webinar includes a deep dive into the key principles and tactical nuances of health economic modelling in rare and orphans disease (from c. 24.30).

Partitioned survival models versus Markov models – recorded webinar

This webinar, led by Hannah Gillies (Consultant Health Economist, Mtech Access), provides a summary of the NICE’s Decision Support Unit (DSU) technical support document including a description of Partitioned survival analysis (PartSA) versus Markov models, recent use in HTA, strengths/limitations and recommendations.

Health economic modelling for rare disease treatments where no relevant data exists

How do you develop a health economic model if the disease area is so rare that no relevant data exist for it outside of the trial? Calum Jones (Consultant Health Economist, Mtech Access) shares some tips.

Health Economic Modelling for Medtech Innovations – What, Why and How – Recorded Webinar

Are you looking to launch a new medical technology, medical or diagnostic device in the UK, Europe or North America? Calum Jones (Consultant Health Economist) and Nicholas Swart (Senior Health Economist) discuss what, why and how health economic models can support Medtech innovations to demonstrate value, achieve market access and reach more patients.

Which type of health economic model best supports your market access strategy?

Which type of health economic model best supports your market access strategy? Calum Jones (Health Economist, Mtech Access) compares three conventional types of health economic models: budget impact models, cost consequence models and cost effectiveness models.

Why you should start health economic model conceptualisation early for MTEP

Discover what Medtech innovators need in order to begin conceptualising a health economic model for NICE’s Medical Technologies Evaluation Process (MTEP). Health Economists  and Nicholas Swart discuss the importance of starting model conceptualisation early.

Defining the Patient Pathway when conceptualising a health economic model for a Medical Technology

When first conceptualising a health economic model for a Medtech innovation, it’s important to define the patient pathway. Calum Jones (Health Economist, Mtech Access) explains why.