Blue River Consulting is now part of the Mtech Access family

Blue River Consulting joined the Mtech Access family in May 2019. Since then, 6 colleagues have joined our growing NHS Insights and Interaction team. Together they provide us with unparalleled depth of insight into all areas of the NHS.

Our in-house experts are supported by our extensive network of over 90 associates who occupy NHS roles from CEO to HCA, as well as an increasing range of non-traditional and non-NHS roles.  This network covers over 32 of the 42 ICS in England, as well as Scotland and Wales.

Their insights inform all our UK market access projects. In addition, the team offer specific education and insight sessions for market access, marketing, brand and leadership teams in leading Pharmaceutical and Medtech companies.

When Blue Rive Consulting joined the Mtech Access family, David Thorne played an instrumental role in establishing Mtech Access as market leaders in the level and quality of insight we bring to our clients from the NHS. In preparation for his eventual retirement, from May 1st 2022, David’s relationship with Mtech Access changes from one of employee to become a Principal Associate. Alongside his Mtech Access role, David will be extending his time commitment as an NHS employee as non-executive Director of Well Up North PCN.