Come and meet us at the Medical Device Commercial Leaders Forum – Brussels

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Mtech Access will be exhibiting at the Medical Device Commerical Leaders Forum 15th-18th February, 2016, Brussels, Belgium.

Please come by our booth, say hello and have a play with our iPad models and toolkits that enable account managers and sales teams to communicate the impact of product adoption to providers.

The conference is for anyone who would like to:

  • Understand what the next-generation commercial models and approaches are, and how medical technology companies can become more patient- and customer-centric
  • Appreciate how in-house sales forces or external distributors are communicating “value” to customers in new ways – moving towards effective Key Account Management
  • Find out what the right mix of “classical” vs modern multi-channel marketing approaches is, and how key customers can be engaged with through digital channels with effective “pull” vs “push” messages
  • Discover how medical technology leaders are enhancing customer and competitive intelligence through smart analytics – developing deeper insights and improving commercial performance
  • Benchmark with experts in customer, physician or surgical training – to see how they are adding-value for them and providing an enhanced customer experience