Fundraising – 109km cycle challenge in aid of The Oxford Young Adult Kidney Clinic (OYAC)

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Mtech Access is an ethical, compassionate company that seeks to support charities wherever possible. We would like to take this opportunity to promote this worthy cause, in the hope that you will join us in supporting this event.

Being told the devastating news you have a chronic illness is hard to take at any point in your life; however, imagine being told it whilst you are in your teenage years. Imagine being told you have chronic kidney failure. Needing kidney dialysis and a transplant as a teenager can lead to depression, social isolation and difficulty completing education or gaining employment.

The Oxford Young Adult Kidney Clinic (OYAC) supports teenagers and young adults on dialysis and with kidney transplants. The clinic supports young people through diagnosis, treatment, transplantation and recovery. Through community clinics, social events and 1-to-1 support, the Oxford YAC helps young people deal with their kidney disease and get on with their lives.

OYAC are solely reliant on donations and are currently seeking sponsorship for a 109km cycle challenge in Cape Town, South Africa.

The clinic has been working together with doctors and young adult patients in Cape Town for the last 2 years to help establish and run a young adult clinic for patients in the Cape Town area with kidney failure.

If you would like to sponsor, donations can be made via the OYAC JustGiving page here